Principles of Physics

What is the difference between a longitudinal and transverse wave?
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How do you draw the circuits when using a multi-meter to measure voltage, current and resistance?Voltage- Put the two prongs on each side of the resistor with the battery in Current- Insert the two prongs into the circuit somewhere between the resistor and the battery Resistance- Put the two prongs on each side of the resistor without the batteryUsing Ohm's Law, how do you find the amount of voltage, current or resistance?Voltage= Current x Resistance Current= Voltage/Resistance Resistance= Voltage/CurrentWhat is the difference in current, voltage and resistance in a one and two bulb circuit?IDKWhat subatomic particle moves in the circuit and in what direction?Electron, from positive to negative.How does changing length change resistance?The further it has to travel, the more work it has to do. The shorter, the less work it has to do.How does changing diameter change resistance?IDKWhat is a benefit of a parallel circuit over a series circuit?In a parallel circuit if one thing goes out the others will still work. In a series circuit you can turn everything on with one switch.What do magnetic field lines show and how do you draw them?Magnetic field lines show how far the magnetism reaches and how strong it is. How draw them by connecting the North to the South Pole and drawing an arrow on each line.What is a magnetic domain and how do they make material magnetic?A magnetic domain is a region within a magnetic material which has uniform magnetization. They make material magnetic by aligning their domains.What is the difference between the geographic and magnetic poles?The geographic North Pole is on the top while the geographic South Pole is on the bottom. The magnetic North Pole is on the BOTTOM and the magnetic South Pole is on the TOP.How does electricity cause magnetism?The electric current causes magnetic fields.How does magnetism cause electricity?The changing magnetic field causes an electric current.What is the difference between a generator and a motor?Generator creates mechanical energy into electrical energy while a motor turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.What does a capacitor do?A capacitor stores energy.How do you increase the strength of a solenoid?Tightening the coils of wire.How do you increase the amount of current created by a generator?Increasing RPM or turning it faster.What is a system? Why is it important?Portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis.What is work? How can it be calculated when given an F - x graph?Work is applying force.What is the difference between thermal energy, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy?Thermal Energy- Heat Kinetic Energy- Movement Gravitational Potential Energy- Gravity Elastic Potential Energy- Energy that is stored when a body is deformedHow do we interpret an energy pie chart?An arrow pointing into the circle means work is being put into the system. If there is no arrow then there is no work being put in or taken out.How do we calculate power?P=W/TWhat is the unit for work and energy?Work- Joules (J) Energy- Joules (J)What is the unit for power?Watt (W)How do we calculate gravitational potential or kinetic energy?Eg= mgh Ek= 1/2 mv (velocity squared)What do all the variables in the energy equations mean?IDKWhat is the law of conservation of energy and what does it mean?It states that you can not destroy nor create energy. It means energy can only be transferred somewhere else or stay in the system.How do you use the law of conservation of energy to solve calculations?The energy stays the same throughout the system.How do you do roller coaster problems?Find the Eg, Ek, Eth (if using friction), and Eel.What is the difference between energy transfer and energy transformation?Energy Transfer- The transfer of energy from one object or material to another.