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______ is a person or an animal that takes part in the action of a literary work.


The ______ is the central character. It's the character for whom the audience pulls for.


The _____ is the force in conflict with the protagonist. It may be society, nature, or fate as well as another person.


A _______ character is the most important character in a story, poem, or play.


A _____ character is one who takes part in the action but is not the focus of attention.


A ____ character is not fully developed. We know only one side of the character.


A ____ character is fully developed, with many traits, bad and good shown in the story.


A _____ character is one who does not experience a basic change in character through the events in the story.


A _____ character is one who experiences a basic change in character through the events in the story.


_____ is the sequence of related events in a story.


______ is an introduction to the characters, setting, and basic situation.


______ is the struggle between opposing forces in the story.

Rising Action

__________ is a series of events that build from the conflict.


_______ is a type of figurative language in which a non human subject is given human characteristics.


A ______ is a figure of speech that uses like or as to make a direct comparison between two subjects.

Comic Relief

________ is an interruption in a narrative, designed to break the emotional intensity of the narrative.


_______ is a brief, sometimes clever saying that expresses a princple, truth, or observation about life.


______ is technical language that is often hard to understand.


_____ is a class or category of writing.


_____ is the details, examples, facts, statistics, or expert opinions that support any general statement or claim.


The ____ is the high point of the story. It is the moment of greatest tension.

Falling Action

The ______ or denouement is the events that follow the climax. These events close the story.


______ is the final outcome. It gives the sense that the end of the story is complete.


______ is an exaggerated statement used to heighten effect. It is not used to mislead the reader, but to emphasize the point.


A _____ is an expression that has become tired from overuse and that therefore deadens rather than enlivens writing.


______ is bitter language meant to hurt or ridicule.


_______ is the use of words that sound like their meaning.


An _____ is a figure of speech in which two contradictory words or phrases are combined into one expression.


______ is repetition of vowel sounds in a phrase.


______ is repetition of consonant sounds anywhere in the words.


______ is the repetition of initial consonants.


______ is the repetition of a stressed sound, usually the final syllable.


______ refers to information stated openly in the text.


_______ refers to information that is not directly stated, but which the reader can infer.


An ______ is a conclusion drawn from information presented.


______ is a recurring idea, object, or event.


The ____ meaning of a word is the dictionary definition. Many words have more than one denotative meaning.


The ______ meaning of a word refers to the fellings and associations created by the word. Words can have positive, negative, or neutral connotations.


An _____ is a word or phrase peculiar to a particular language and different from the denotative meaning of the words.


______ is word choice. Authors choose words that have certain associations or feelings attached to them in order to make their attitudes toward the subject clear to the reader.


_____ refers to the things that happen and the factual information that appears in the passage. When an author tells the reader that the main character saw a purple butterfly in the garden, the fact that the butterfly is purple is a detail.


_______ is a term that refers to the writer's use of sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste in a work of literature.


____ is the overall feeling that the work evokes in the reader.


______ is the writer's attitude toward his or her audience or subject.


_____ is a message about life that the plot and characters of a story convey to its reader.

Author's Style

______ is created by a writer's use of language, such as rhythm, word and phrase choice, and methods of organization.


The _____ is the time and place where the story takes place.

Character's Traits

A _______, or qualities, can affect his or her thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Point of View

_________ is the perspective from which a story is told.

First Person

_________ point of view is the perspective of a character in the story.

Third Person

_________ point of view is the perspective of a narrator outside the story.

Omniscient Third Person

In _________ point of view, the narrator reveals what every character in the story is thinking and feeling.

Limited Third Person

In _________ point of view, the narrator reveals only a single character's thoughts and feelings.


_______ is when a character suddenly experiences a deep realization about him or herself.


A _______ is an implied comparison between two unlike things.

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