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The process by which people take their own and accept as binding the norms, values, beliefs, and language needed to participate in the larger community is termed


is the term for genetic makeup or biological inheritance.

Cerebral Cortex

The _ allows us to organize, remember, communicate, understand, and create.

the importance of social contact for normal development

The cases of anna and isabelle were used to illustrate what?

Fatah; Hamas

_control the west bank and __ controls the Gaza strip.

A baby comes to expect that if it cries, a caretaker will offer comfort.

Indicates that a bond of mutual expectation has developed between a baby and his/her caretaker.

collective memory

A cultural center located in the West Bank has established a memorial honoring the lives of Palestinians killed in the second intifada. The memorial serves as a vehicle for instilling__

develops through imitation, play, and games

According to George Herbert Mead, the "me" is part of the self that

Significant Symbols

Language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and posture are all examples of

preparatory stage

Tyler sits at the computer, mimicking the behavior of her mother. Tyler's family encourages this by telling her how cute she is. Tyler is in the __

To see how their position fits relative to all other positions

During the game stage, children learn


An Israeli soldier observes that some Palestinian girls are frightening to death when he is standing in their path. The soldier is engaging in __

Jean Piaget

Which one of the following thinkers is associated with the concept of "active adaptation"

agents of socialization

Significant others, primary groups, ingroups, outgroups, and institutions, such as mass media are known as


These groups with which people identify and to which they feel closely attached, particularly when that attachment is founded on hated of another group are

a military unit

Almost every Israeli can claim membership in what primary group?


describes a state in which there is no hope of change

North America

Which area of the world is most likely to have the highest Internet penetration rates?

New York

__is the United States city with the largest Jewish population in the world

Emile Durkheim

wrote the division of labor in society

the vilest scramble for loot that ever disfigured the history of human conscience and geographical location.

King Leopold II claimed the Congo as his private property. His reign over the land has been described as


Emile Durkheim used the general term __ to describe the ties that bind people to one another in a society

mechanical solidarity

Durkheim wrote that a person's "first duty is to resemble everyone else- to not have anything personal about one's core beliefs and actions" Durkheim was writing about


According to Durkheim, the vulnerability of societies____as the division of labor becomes more complex and specialized.

job specialization

the division of labor occurs when workers are so isolated that few people grasp the workings and consequences of the overall enterprise.


After achieving independence in 1960, the Belgian Congo became

People's Republic of China

in which of the following countries was HIV/AIDS first noticed in the late 1980's?


the ___model corresponds to the perspective in which social interaction is viewed as though it is taking place in a theater

impression management

On the first day Mr. Smith wears a tie to convey that he is serious about his job. On the other hand he gives out his home phone number as a way of letting students know he is approachable. Professor Smith is engaged in

impression management

___ is a useful concept for understanding the dilemma that sexual face when one partner suggests using a condom s a precautionary condition of sexual intercourse.


From a sociological POV, restaurant kitchen employees who eat food from customers plates are engaging in _____behavior

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