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To help study for the Public Relations Exam #2

6 Tasks In The Four Step Process

Research and analysis, policy formulation, programming, communication, feedback, assessment


Research (and planning), Action (and planning), Communication and Evaluation


Research, Objectives (and planning), Programming and Evaluation


Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation


Research, Objectives, Strategies, Implementation and Evaluation


Plan or methods for accomplishing a goal or objective


Actions to carry out a strategy

Management By Objective (MBO)

Provides focus and direction for formulating strategy to achieve specific organizational objectives

Eight Elements Of Public Relations Plans

Situation, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, calendar/timetable, budget and evaluation

5 Possible Objectives For A Communicator

Message exposure, accurate dissemination of the message, acceptance of the message, attitude change and change in overt behavior

Most Widely Practiced Form Of Evaluating Public Relations Programs?

Compilation of print and broadcast mentions

Media Impressions

How many people may have been exposed to the message

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