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what colony was founded by the Pilgrams?
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which allowed German princes to select either Lutheranism or Catholicism within the domains they controlled, ultimately reaffirming the independence they had over their states. Subjects, citizens, or residents who did not wish to conform to the prince's choice were given a period in which they were free to migrate to different regions in which their desired religion had been accepted.
Causes: Religious support, Kings could rid themselves of troublesome knights. went in search of lands and positions, Profit, Assured a place in heaven.

Effects: Weking of teh feudal nobility, lessened teh power of the pope, stimulated trade between Europe and West Asia, Created bitterness between Christians and Muslims.
List 3 reasons why agriculture expanded in Europe during teh Middle Ages.Warmer climate, use of horsepower, three fields systemList the four doctrines agreed to at the council of Trent.The church's interpretation of the bible was final, Christians needed faith and good works for salvation, The Bible and church tradition were equally powerful authorities, Indulgences were invalid.LIst the three main ideas that Luther used.Sola scriptura. Sola fide. Sola gratiathree things that spurred the age of exploration.God Glory InventionThree reasons why Cortes defeated the AztecsSpanish had superior weapons, ABle to enlist other natives, Natives could not fight disease.some of the explorers during the age of Exploration....Three consequences of teh Atlantic slave trade.,Cultures lost generations of fit men, tore families apart, introduced guns, propped up european colonies, created multicultural societies.what were teh terms of the concordat of worms.The church could alone appoint a bishop, but the emperor could veto the appointmentwhat was the columbian exchange.trade among Europe, America, Africa in food, slaves and germs (diseases) - 90% of Indians were lost to European diseases!What war marked the end of the Age of chivalry and the Middle age.Hundreds year yearWho was overthrown during the Glorious Revolution.james 2What languages make up the Swahili language.BantuWhat japanese leader ended the "warring states" periodTokugawaHow did Islam expand throughout Africapeople didnt like the byzantine and persian empires, they were traders so when they went to new places brought their religon w/ them, and it united the arabsWhat was the outcome of the fourth Crusade.Jerusalem was overtaken, but un armed christians could enterwho founded the Qing DynastyIt was founded byu the Manchus, and it was originally established in Manchuria. But with conquest and expansion, it later grew to include Northern and Southern China.How did the rulers of Ghana grow rich?by taxing the goods that traders carried through there territoryWhy did the Europeans explore the New world?Spread Christianity, more land, more power, more moneytwo reasons that kept China from becoming highly industrialized....What contributed to the decline if both the ottoman and Safavid Empire....