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Like electric charges ________each other.


The severity of an electric shock depends on the amount of __________.


The strength of the electric field of a charged particle becomes greater as the distance from the particle ____________.

law of conservaton of charge

The _________________________ states that charges is are not created or destroyed.

electric force

The attraction or repulsion between electrical charges is called _________________.

voltage sources

Batteries and generators are examples of ______________, which create a potential difference in a circuit.


To measure the current through a device in an electric circuit, an ________ should be connected in series with the device.


The continuous flow of charges through a material is electric________.


In a flashlight, the battery is a source of electrical ________.


As in the case of unlike magnetic poles, unlike electric charges ______ each other.

static electricity

The buildup of electric charges on an object is called _________.


Clothes in a dryer acquire static cling by ________.

static discharge

The loss of static electricity as electric charges move off an object is called ________________.


Suppose you acquire a positive charge from walking across a carpet. You then touch a doorknob and receive a shock. This leaves you electrically __________.


__________ causes charge to move in a circuit.

of the least resistance

An electric current will always follow the path______________________.


In a series circuit with three bulbs, adding another bulb will make all the bulbs _________.

its own path

In a parallel circuit with three bulbs, current from each bulb has ______________.


a device used to measure electrical potential energy difference, or voltage, is called a __________.

short circuit

A connection that allows current to take the path of least resistance is called a ________________.

you cannot use it again

One disadvantage of using fuses when a fuse burns out, __________________.

cause burns and stop your heart

A current of greater than 0.2 amps could ___________________________.


The charge on a proton is _________, and the charge on an electron is negative.


The charge on a proton is positive, and the charge on an electron is __________.


An instrument that can detect the presence of an electric charge is and ______________.

voltage source

A device that creates a potential difference in an electric circuit is a _________________.

electric circuit

A complete, unbroken path through which electric charges can flow is an _________________.


Materials that allow the charges of an electric current to move freely through them are called ____________.


An example of an unsulator is ____________.


A device that used to open and close an electric circuit is a ___________.

electric current

The ampere is a unit of ____________.

electrochemical cell

A device that transforms stored chemical energy into electrical energy is and _________________.


The parts of the cell that are used to connect an electrochemical cell to a circuit are the _________.

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