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Social Studies Unit 4- 13 Colonies Quiz


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Colonies in the New England region
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Colonies in Southern region
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Geography of New England Colonies
Poor rocky soil and long winters
Main resources in the New England Colonies
Fishing and pine trees
Main resources in the Southern Colonies
Rice and Tobacco
Geography of the Southern Colonies
Good soil, warm climate, long growing season, few towns
What was the main cash crop in the Middle Colonies that was often exported?
What main group lived in the Middle colonies that welcomed all religions and backgrounds?
Why was there slavery in the Southern Colonies?
To help with the plantations owners
How did the Southern Colonies make money?
Plantations, cash crops, FARMING
Where were the 13 colonies located?
Along the Atlantic coast
The name of the people from England who wanted to improve the church of England.
In America, who had control of the 13 colonies?
The kind of government run by the people.
Colonists moved to New England colonies to escape
Religious persecution
People that had the ability to produce most everything that one needed to survive on their own.
Self- Sufficient
Reasons that people began moving to the colonies in the 1600's.
Fur trade, gold and silver, to own land
First colony founded in Virginia.
The name the Dutch gave to the colony that was the center of the fur trade.
New Netherlands