History test 10/22/18

The reason for the French and Indian war stemmed from French colonists moving south from (1)??? And (2)??? Colonists moving south from the Appalachians. The two groups clashed in the (3)???. The conflict arose from a rivalry over (4)???, (5)???, and (6)???
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Soon Indians began to attack the few English settlements that lay closest to the (1)??? of the Ohio River Valley, (2)??? Many innocent men, woman, and children. Although, the French claimed that they had no control over the (3)???, they were really using the (4)??? to drive English farmers and their families out of (5)???
Why were the British easy targets for the French and Indians?1. Marches in straight lines 2. When coming in battle, they sounded trumpets and musicAfter Braddocks death at Fort Duquesne, describe the actions of WashingtonWashington took over Braddocks position by encouraging the men, and leading the men into battleHow was God's hand of protection on Washington at Fort DuquesneAlthough, his coat and two horses were shot in the battle; Washington left the battle in no harmDescribe the Albany Plan of Union including it's purposeBEN FRANKLIN wrote it which would give a council control over western settlements, which would allow them to make emergency desicions involving the western settlementsWhere was the last major battle of the war fought(city and field,1)??? And who won(2)???(1)The battle fought in the plains of Abraham in Quebec. (2) EnglishWhat were the results from the Treaty of Paris?French lost its land in North America and England(Great Britain) would gain Canada and land to the Mississippi RiverSpiritual differences between America and EnglandEngland had less religious freedom with the Church of England, which was strongly in control. America had more religious freedom and religious diversity than any country in the world. This freedom of religion was a unit factor for AmericansMilitary differences between America and EnglandAmerican soldiers were a better shot than the British soldiers and more capable men. The British offficers came from the noble class and purchased their commissions from the King often leaving them untrainedEconomic differences between America and EnglandThe colonies had a productive agricultural system that was the envy of EuropeWhat was the impact of parliament tightening the restrictions on colonial industry?England sent royal officials to the coloniesWho came to power as the English monarch in 1760(1)??? And what where his objectives(2)???1. King George II 2. A- reduce parliament power B- to bring the colonies into subjectionWhat were the Kings two fundemental errors?1. He lashed out against the weaker group, America 2. He appointed prime ministers to parliament who were determined to tax the coloniesList any 3 colonial grievances and discuss them in full detail1.Sugar Act- new import tax on products like molasses 2. Stamp Act- tax on newspapers, licenses, and land titles 3.Quartering Act- requires American colonists to house and feed British soldiersAfter Parliament repealed the Stamp Act, what did the replace it with?Declatory Act- "Britain is in charge"Effects of the French and Indian war1. France lost its North American possessions 2. Britian is left with a large debt 3. Colonists develop a sense of unity 4. Colonists began settling in the Ohio River Valley 5. Native Americans resist colonists settling in the Ohio River Valley(Pontiacs war)