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  1. Lack of Vitamin Results in:
  2. Difficiency in Vitamin C
  3. Foods high in Folic Acid
  4. Minerals in Body
  5. Angioplasty
  1. a ''Ca-Calcium "P-Phospherous K-Potassium S-Sulfur Na-Sodium
    CL-Chlorine Mg-Magnesium Fe-Iron Mn-Manganeese I-Iodine Cu-Copper
  2. b scurvy
  3. c balloon catheter put in artery/a stent can be inserted.
  4. d A:night blindness, xerophthalmin
    E:poor nerve condition
    B1:inflamation of mouth
    Niasin pellagra
  5. e oranges, melons, liver, sunflower seeds

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  1. B and C
  2. carotene (helps eye sight)
  3. osteo-mylacia/ rickets
  4. rodopsin--cis retinene & opsin--cis retinene--trans retinene
    Opsin triggers brain--dark reaction stops
  5. asobic acid

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  1. Defficiency in Vitamin Anight blindness


  2. Phenylketonorialimited ability to metabolize phenylalamine tyrmine lack of enzyme=both become essential


  3. Vitamin Ealpha tocopherol; part of cell membrane-keeps it free of free radicals (toxic)


  4. Vitamin B2Riboflavin: high foods-meat, eggs, fruit, nuts, mushrooms


  5. Food high in Vitamin Knuts, seeds, avacados, apples


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