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the entitiy which produces a product or service to be sold.


a means of psreading information about your business through the comments friends and customers make to other potential customers.

direct sales

methods of going directly to your customer in order to sell your product. Vending machines, door-to-door salespeople, leasing space at a craft fair, farmers' markets, party sales, and most industrial sales are methods of direct selling.

direct mail

a method of selling in which catelogs, brochures, letters, videos, and other pieces of marketing materials are mailed directly to customers from which they can mail, call, or e-mail an order. Direct faxing and direct e-mailing are more modern forms of direct mail.


contact via telephone for the express purpose of selling a product or service. Telemarketing can either be inbound (customer calls company) or outbound (company calls customer).

direct response advertising

placing an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, on television or radio, or in any other media. The ad contains an order blank with a phone number and e-mail or regular mail address with the intent of having the customer place an immediate order.

guerilla marketing

the use of creative and relatively inexpensive ways to reach your customer. Examples includes door-knob hangers, flyers under windshield wipers, T-shirts, balloons, and messages written on sidewalks.

multichannel marketing

the use of several different channels to reach your customers, for example, a web site, direct mail, and traidional retailing.

sponsored link

a form of paid advertising that gets your company's web site at the top of a search list.

keyword optimization

the selection of words that describe a web site ad that results in the site being displayed toward the beginning of a search engine's (e.g, google, yahoo! etc) listing for that term.

search engine optimization

a general approach to website design intended to result in the site being displayed toward the beginning of a search engine's (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, etc.) listing for that term.

electronic malls

a group of companies--usually with a common target market--selling via the internet through a specific site.


a private individual or household who is the end-user of (the entity that "consumes") a product or service.

fulfillment center

a company that will warehouse your products and fill your customers' order for you.


a middleman business which sells to consumers or end-users of a product (typically in single or small quantities).


a middleman business which buys (typically in larte quantities) and sells (typically in smaller quantities) to businesses rather than consumers.


a middlemanbusiness which represents a manufacturer's product or service to other business-to-business middleman firms.


a firm that assists in getting your product to your end customer--distributors, retailers, and so forth.


an electronic retailer; a store that exists only on the internet.

born international

a new firm that opens a website immediately, thus being exposed to customers from around the world.

direct exporting

exporting using no middlemen

indirect exporting

exporting using middlemen such as agents, export management companies, or export trading companies.

freight fowarders

firms specializing in arranging international shipmnts--packaging, transportation, and paperwork.

letter of credit

a document issued by a bank that guarantees a buyer's payment for a specified period of time upon compliance with specified terms.

documentary draft

a draft which can be exercised only when presented with specified shipping documents.

contract manufacturing

an existing firm with the correct manufacturing capabilities makes your product for you.

sheltered workshop

a nonprofit organization or insitution that provides business services by using handicapped or rehabilitated workers.

traffic generators

other businesses that bring customers (generate traffic) to the area.

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