Chapter 9 : Byzantine and Orthodox in East Europe

The post-classical period in Western history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the fifteenth century is referred to as the
The middle Ages
Which of the following statements concerning the impact of Christianity on polytheistic religions in western Europe is most accurate?
The process of conversion produced a religious amalgam in which beliefs in magic and supernatural spirits coexisted with Christianity.
Which of the following was NOT a sign of vitality in the medieval western culture following the Roman Empire's fall?
the development of a purely secular society
Who were the invaders who disrupted the development of political institutions in the medieval West until the tenth century?
What was the outcome of the Western crusade of 1204?
The crusaders attacked and conquered Constantinople, temporarily establishing a Western kingdom there.
Which of the following statements concerning the intellectual activity of the medieval West prior to the eighth century is most accurate?
With the few literate people concentrated in monasteries, little was achieved other than copying older manuscripts.
The system that described economic and political relations between landlords and their peasant laborers was called
Agricultural laborers under the jurisdiction of aristocratic landowners were called
Which of the following statements concerning the agricultural laborers of the medieval West is NOT true?
They were slaves.
Relationships between members of the military elite based on a reciprocal exchange of land for military service and loyalty were called
The members of the military elite who received land in return for military service in the bands of the greater lords were called
What Frankish king was responsible for the conversion of his people to Christianity in order to gain a vague domination over the Franks?
What belief did the conversion of Germanic kings create among western religious leaders, particularly the pope?
Church had a legit authority seperate from and superior to the secular rulers
How did the Hundred Years War result?
Kings reduced reliance on feudal forces in favor of paid armies
What was NOT a threat to sources of western vitality at the end of the middle ages?
Economic tail spin
Which of the following is most correctly seen as a direct descendant of the Roman Empire?
Byzantine Empire, russia
The Byzantine Empire lasted from
500 to 1450.
Starting with the reign of Justinian, what was the official language of the eastern empire?
name normally given to the form of Christianity that emerged in the Byzantine Empire was
Orthodox Christianity
Outcomes of Justinians wars for reconquest?
successes in North Africa and Italy, of the empire's defenses on its eastern frontiers, establishment of a key artistic center at Ravenna, increased tax pressures on the government.
result of the conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Muslims?
The position of small farmers in the Empire was weakened as a result of heavy taxation, resulting in greater aristocratic estates.
Byzantine cultural life centered on the secular traditions of
Norse Legends
How were the Byzantine bureaucracy and the Chinese bureaucracy similar?
Both bureaucracies were open to talented commoners, not just aristocrats.
What is true about the Byzantine beaucracy?
Bureaucrats were trained to be literate, but lacked the formal training in Greek classics and philosophy.
What was the result of the conflict over the use of religious images in the Orthodox Church?
After a long and complex battle, icon use was gradually restored, while the tradition of state control over church affairs was also reasserted.
he Slavic alphabet created by Orthodox missionaries to the Slavs is called
Which of the following countries was converted to Orthodox Christianity?
Byzantine military....?
recruited troops within the empire by granting heritable land in return for military service
Primary export of Byzantine?
luxury products
Not a practice of the Roman Orthodox church?
clerical celibacy
Not one of Justinians contributions to Byzantine Empire?
reconquest of Gaul
Military organization of Byzantine and western Roman Empire?
Byzantine recruited men from the Roman Empires
Why did Vladimir I prefer Orthodox Christianity to Roman Cathlicism?
He thought Roman Catholicism implied papal interferance while Orthodoxy embraced control of church by state
Not a similitary between spread of civilization in east and west europe?
northern political units rapidly dominated political sophistication of civilization areas in Asia and North Africa
Kingdom of Kiev in south Russia was established by who?
Who conquered Kievan Russia in 1236?
Byzantine urbanization?
constantinople controlled economy and grew to enormous size but other cities were small
Wat was a cause for the split between Roman Catholicism and Orthodox churches after 1054
Roman practice of requiring celibacy for preists
What happened with the Tatar invasion?
tatar supervision did not destroy Russian Chritianity or a native russian aristocracy