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History-O, Tapestry of Grace, Year 2, Unit 2

Aztecs and Incas
1200s-1500s AD
The Renaissance
1300s-1600s AD
Constantinople falls
1453 AD
Granada falls to Spain, expelling Muslims
1492 AD
Columbus discovers the New World
October 12, 1492
Life of Henry VIII
1509-1547 AD
Erasmus' New Testament
1516 AD
95 Theses
1517 AD
Cortez subdues Aztecs
1519-1521 AD
Magellan's Expedition
1519-1522 AD
Luther at Worms
1521 AD
Pizarro conquers Incas
1532 AD
Calvin in Geneva
1541-1564 AD
Council of Trent
1545-1563 AD
Bloody Mary (Mary I) rules England
1553-1558 AD
Peace of Augsburg
1555 AD
Elizabeth I
1558-1603 AD
Spanish Armada defeated by England
1588 AD
Life of Shakespeare
1590-1613 AD
Edict of Nantes
1598 AD
Cosimo de'Medici begins to rule Florence
1434 (1469) AD
Execution of Sir Thomas More
1532 AD
Gutenberg produces first printed Bible using moveable type
1455 AD
Life of Giotto
1267-1337 AD
Life of Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal
1394-1460 AD
Life of Leonardo da Vinci
1452-1519 AD
Spain's King Ferdinand marries Queen Isabella
1469 AD
Botticelli paints La Primavera
1477-1478 AD
Bartolomeu Dias first rounds the Cape of Storms for Portugal
1488 AD
Life of Raphael
1483-1520 AD
King Charles VIII (France) invades Italy
1494 AD
Da Vinci paints The Last Supper
1495-1498 AD
Vasco da Gama (Portugal) sails to India and back
1497-1498 AD
Savonarola is burned at the stake for heresy
1498 AD
Michelangelo carves the David
1501-1504 AD
Da Vinci completes Mona Lisa
1506 AD
Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
1508-1512 AD
Machiavelli writes The Prince
1513 AD
Ponce de Leon explores Florida and the Gulf of Mexico
1513 AD
Life of Ivan the Terrible
1530-1584 AD
Peasants' Revolt
1524-1525 AD
Charles V forced to accept the Peace of Augsburg
1555 AD
Zwingli's Protestantism established in Zurich
1523 AD
Early Mennonites meet in Switzerland
1525 AD
Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
1533 AD
Christian I establishes Lutheranism in Denmark
1536 AD
Calvin publishes Institutes of the Christian Religion
1536 AD
Gustav I establishes Lutheranism in Sweden
1540 AD
Edward VI rules England
1547-1553 AD
Lady Jane Grey rules for nine days
1553 AD
Cranmer is burned at the stake
1556 AD
HRE Charles V abdicates to son Philip II
1556 AD
William I (Netherlands) declares independence from Spain
1581 AD
Henry IV (France) becomes king and converts to Catholicism
1589 AD
Spain recognizes Dutch independence
1648 AD
Life of John Knox
c. 1514-1572 AD
Drake circumnavigates the world
1577-1580 AD
James I rules England and Scotland (as James VI)
1603-1625 AD
Scots establish Presbyterianism
1560 AD
Rubens paints the Descent from the Cross
1612-1614 AD