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Also known as arch; the area of the nail that has all of the strength.
chain reaction
Also known as polymerization reaction; process that joins together monomers to create very long polymer chains.
Found in polymer powder; when activated by a catalyst, will spring into action and cause monomer molecules to permanently link together into long polymer chains.
One unit called a molecule.
monomer liquid
Chemical liquid mixed with a polymer power to form the sculptured nail enhancement.
monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements
Enhancements created by combining monomer liquid and polymer powder.
nail extension underside
The actual underside of the nail extension.
odorless monomer liquid and polymer powder products
Nail enhancement products that have little odor; must be used with a dry mix ratio (equal parts liquid and powder in bead).
Substance formed by combining many small molecules (monomers) into very long, chain-like structures.
Also known as curing or hardening; chemical reaction that creates polymers.
polymer powder
Powder in white, clear, pink, and many other colors that is combined with monomer liquid to form the nail enhancement.
stress area
The part of the nail enhancement where the natural nail grows beyond the finger and becomes the free edge. This area needs strength to support the nail extension.