Chapter 6 Review


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When citizens vote for the President they are actually voting for electoral of that state.
President elections are held every four years.
The 22nd amendment limits the President to 4 elected terms.
Speak of the house
Because of the President Succession Act, who follows after the President and the Vice President?
Congress has to approve them
When the President has to replace the Vice-President, what has to happen?
35 years old
native-born citizen
live in the U.S. for 14 years
3 main requirements for the President to run
How many people are in the electoral college?
All of them, except for two
If a person wins the popular vote, how many electoral vote?
a declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment for an individual
a pardon to a group of people
an official representative of a country's government
an order to delay a persons punishment until higher court can hear the case
Executive order
a command that the president gives out that has the force of law
carry out and enforce laws
Presidents #1 job
one year
How often does the president fulfill the constitution by giving the state of the union address?
who makes the budget?
Senate approves
President appoints
Who appoints ambassadors?
Who can declare war?
Who makes all final foreign policy plans?
Foreign Policy
A nations plan with dealing with another nation?
Marshall plan
A United States program of economic aid for the reconstruction of Europe (1948-1952)
America, Canada, (some) western part of Europe
Keep country safe
Main goal of the U.S. Foreign Policy
150 ambassadors
foreign aid
trade policy
What are the tools of the foreign policy?
Merit system
hiring people into government jobs on the basis of their qualifications
Political appointees
Person chosen for federal position by the President
executive agency
independent agency that deals with certain specific areas within the government
spoils system
rewarding people with government jobs on the basis of their political support
government corporation
a business owned and operated by the federal government
helps president write the budget
15 memeber
how many members does the cabinet have
members of the government 15