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  1. A word that is opposite in meaning to another one, for example: cold - hot.
  2. words which have different spelling but the same pron, e.g. won / one
  3. these are opposites which are mutually exclusive, e.g. male/female. These are ungradable so can't be used with 'very'.
  4. sets of items, using one of which excludes the others in the set, (closed system) eg Monday, Tuesday etc (open-ended) vehicles: cars, bus, lorry, van etc
  5. Words that are written and pronounced the same, but have a different meaning, for example: bat (the animal) & bat ( the thing you use in cricket).

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  1. metonymy'finger' is a __________of 'hand' because a finger is part of a hand


  2. Superordinate'finger' is a __________of 'hand' because a finger is part of a hand


  3. lexical seta form of 'oppositeness', where there is a reciprocal relationship, e.g. buy and sell / lend and borrow


  4. Synonyma word that has the same or very similar meaning to another word.


  5. hyponymthe relationship between words represented by the formula X is a type of Y, as in a mango is a type of fruit. In this case, mango is a _________ of fruit.