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  1. a form of 'oppositeness', where there is a reciprocal relationship/one implies the other, e.g. buy and sell / lend and borrow
  2. 'finger' is a __________of 'hand' because a finger is part of a hand
  3. the relationship between words represented by the formula X is a type of Y, as in a mango is a type of fruit. In this case, mango is a _________ of fruit.
  4. refers to the case when a word has more than one related meaning, for example: foot (part of the body) and foot of the mountain.
  5. words that are on a scale, e.g. hot, warm, cool, cold are on a scale of hotness and coldness. They can be 'very' 'fairly' etc.
  6. the grammatical constructions a word likes to appear in or with

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  1. homophoneswords which have different spelling but the same pron, e.g. won / one


  2. SuperordinateA word which is more generic than a given word or words. For example: transport is the ___________ of train, bus, taxi, tram, etc...


  3. complementariesthese are opposites which are mutually exclusive, e.g. male/female. These are ungradable so can't be used with 'very'.


  4. Synonyma word that has the same or very similar meaning to another word.


  5. AntonymA word that is opposite in meaning to another one, for example: cold - hot.