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Gloria Steinem
Second Wave Feminist:
Playboy Bunny- saw poor treatment of women
Received lower pay than male counterparts as journalist
Oprah Winphrey
First African-American talk show host
Elizabeth Blackwell
-1st woman to receive a medical degree in US and 1st woman on the UK Medical Register
-promoted education of women in medicine
-social and moral reformer in US and England
Abigail Adams
-America's 1st feminist
-wanted opportunities in education
-hated slavery
-wife of John Adams; wrote letters to him while in PA
-"Remember the Ladies" journal entry
Jane Addams
-founder of Hull House in 1889 (museum now)
-one of 1st kindergartens in chicago
-(1st in US) won nobel peace prize in 1931
Susan B. Anthony
-active in temperance movement w/ elizabeth cady stanton
-organized petitions to support 13th amendment
-played role in 19th century women's movement to introduce suffrage movement
-cofounded journal The Revolution
Dorothea Dix
-created school (originally wanted to be schoolteacher)
-worked as nurse in civil war
-created facilities for those w/ mental illnesses
Ida B. Wells
-anti-lynching (began campaign in England)
-african american journalist
-civil rights movement
-suffrage movement
-created NAACP
-created 1st black women's club in illinois
Amelia Earhart
-1st woman to fly across Atlantic
-prez. of Ninety Nines
-wrote 3 books
-disappeared when they took off from Lae, New Guinea
Jane Fonda
-famous actress since 1960
-anti-war activist
-anti vietnam and iraq
-for prevention of teen pregnancy
-support of Black Panthers
Betty Friedan
-founded NOW (National Organization for Women)
-published Feminine Mystique
-purpose was to bring women into American society
-women's strike for equality
-wanted to draw attention to unequal pay between men and women
Emma Goldman
-radical anarchist
-attracted to anarchism after Haymarket affair
-active in trade union movement
-influenced Leon Czoigosz to assassinate McKinley
Angelina and Sarah Grimke
-1st women to testify before the state legislature
-1st for women: feminist and abolitionist
-visited Mass. towns to speak about horrors of slavery
-lived during Antebellum era
-most radical americans
-writer and suffragist
Dolores Huerta
-labor leader and civil rights activist
-cofounded United Farm Workers
-earned Eleanor Roosevelt Award
Mary "Mother" Jones
-irish immigrant
-strong union leader
-became member of Knights of Labor
-against child labor laws
-arrested for protests
-organizer for United Mine Workers
-founder of Social Democratic Party
Helen Keller
-blind and deaf
-speaker and author
-active in politics
-member of socialist party (1909)
Lucretia Mott
-created 1st women's rights conventions (Seneca Falls)
-quaker preacher (hated slavery)
-became abolitionist
-created Philadelphia Female Anti-slavery society
-published "Sermon to the medical students" (1849)
Carrie Nation
-radical member of temperance movement
-hated alcohol because of sick baby
-began temperance union in kansas
-newspaper called The Hatchet
-Carrie Nation Day in Holly, MI
Rosa Parks
-influenced by Jim Crow laws and Ku Klux Klan
-civil rights movement
-Emmett Till's death influenced her
-member of NAACP
-presidential medal of freedom
Jeannette Rankin
-created suffrage movement in Montana
-ran for congress here in 1916 (only woman)
-pacifist (believed in peace)
-led women in protest against Vietnam war
Eleanor Roosevelt
-talked on radio about movement
-broke segregation laws
-1st lady for more than 30 yrs
-joined Board of Directors in NAACP in 1945
-United Nations Prize (1968)
Margaret Sanger
-legalized birth control
-member of liberal club
-Established planned Parenthood
-most successful abortions
-didn't think unfit should reproduce
Phyllis Schlafly
-constitutional lawyer
-hated same sex marriage and civil unions
-stopped ERA (which gave power to feminists)
-Prez. of eagle forum
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
-suffrage movement
-only women in higher classes in school
-presented Declaration of Sentiments at Seneca Falls
-created convention
-foremother for women's equality
Ida Tarbell
-1st woman to confront Standard Oil Company
-wrote 1st profile on a CEO (Rockefeller)
-forever changed journalism
-published The History of the Standard Oil Company (1904)
-muckraker (investigative journalist)
Sojourner Truth
-suffragist and abolitionist
-born Isabella Baumfree in slavery
-traveling preacher
-involved in spiritualism movement
-religious w/Van Wagenen family
Harriet Tubman
-conductor in underground railroad
-helped general james stop supplies from going to south
Rachel Louise Carson
-founder of environmental movement
-environmental activist and ecologist
-1st woman to pass civil service test
-published 1st story at 11
-wrote many "sea books" (bestsellers)
-wrote Silent Spring
Katharine Graham
-1st woman publisher for Washington Post
-Personal History won Pulitzer Prize
Emily Dickinson
-most imaginative of New England writers
-transcendentalist (idea of reasoning)
Pearl Buck
-spent most of time in China
-wrote The Good Earth
-won nobel prize
Marilyn Monroe
-one of 1st hollywood sex symbols (known for looks)
Julia Howe
-abolitionist and poet
-wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Billie Jean King
-pushed for equality of sexes
-wanted to end discrimination against homosexuals
-professional tennis player
-wanted equal pay for college athletes
Alice Paul
-suffragist and activist
-led campaign to ratify 19th amendment w/ Lucy Burns
-force fed in struggle
Gertrude Stein
-author and leader of 1920s intellectual movement
Margaret Mead
-champion of sexual revolution
Marian Anderson
-active in struggle for black artists to overcome racial prejudices during mid-20th century
-1st black person to perform at Metropolitan Opera
Clara Barton
-humanitarian, nurse, and teacher
-founded American Red Cross
Mary Bethune
-black civil rights leader
-started school for african americans in florida
-advisor to Franklin Roosevelt
Anne Bradstreet
-1st poet and 1st female writer to be published in british north american colonies
-1st volume was The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America
Carrie Chapman Catt
-suffrage leader
-campaigned for 19th amendment
-prez of National American Women Suffrage Association
-founder of League of Women Voters and International Alliance of Women
Margaret Fuller
-1st full time female american book reviewer in journalism
-women's rights advocate associated w/ transcendentalism
-book Woman in the Nineteenth Century was considered 1st major feminist work in US
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
-associate justice of the supreme court of us
-appointed by bill clinton
-1st female jewish justice
Zora Neale Hurston
-folklorist and anthropologist
-author during Harlem Renaissance
-best known for Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937)
Anne Hutchinson
-puritan who expressed unpopular religious beliefs
-claimed she could communicate directly w/ God
-was banned from Bay Colony and went to Rhode Island
-killed by Indians
Sandra Day O'Connor
-1st woman to be appointed as us supreme court justice
Georgia O'Keefe
-an american artist
Frances Perkins
-1st woman appointed to US cabinet
-U.S. Secretary of Labor
-friend of Franklin Roosevelt
-helped pull labor movement into New Deal
-Lemhi Shoshone woman
-accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition
-guide and interpreter
Lucy Stone
-abolitionist and suffragist
-1st woman to keep name after marriage
-1st woman from Mass. to earn college degree
-spoke out against slavery when women were forbade from public speaking
Harriet Beecher Stowe
-abolitionist and author
-wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
-wrote more than 20 books
Alice Walker
-author, poet, and activist
-wrote fiction and essays about race and gender
-best known for writing The Color Purple
Barbara Walters
-journalist and TV host
-has hosted Today and The View