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informed consent

document detailing patient's rights

physician's progress notes

test results, diagnosis and plan treatments

operative report

surgeon's report: pre/post operative diagnosis, surgery report

diagnostic report

results of diagnosis tests

consultation report

specialist's report

discharge summary

summary of patients' care and follow up plan

pathologist's report

results of tissue samples

ancillary report

results of treatment and therapists

nurse's notes

patient's vital signs treatments, patient's response, any change

anesthesiologist report

meds given, patient's response, vital signs

physician orders

list of care, meds, tests, treatments, therapists

history and physical

family medical history, physician exam, initial diagnosis, plan of treatment

physician's office

diagnosis treatment in private office setting

home health care

provides various services on patient's homes


supportive treatment ill patient and their family

acute care/general

diagnosis treat illness of short period of time(3 weeks)

health maintenance organization

wide range of services in a prepaid system

rehabilitation center

intensive physical and occupational therapy

nursing home/long-term care facility

provides long-term care for patient that needs extra time to recover also patient that can no longer take care of them

specialty care hospital

very specific types of diseases

ambulatory care

does not require overnight hospitalization

frontal plane

front and back

sagittal plane

left and right

transverse plane

top and bottom


located further away from the body


lying face down


toward the side






lying face up




toward the middle


located closer to the body



the combination of a word root and the combining vowel is called

combining form

What is in the RUQ

liver, gallbladder, intestines

what is in the LUQ

stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver

what is in the RLQ

appendix, ovary, uterus, fallopian tube

what is in the LLQ

uterus, ovary, fallopian tube

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