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What got Got mass comm off the ground
Movable type printing press
Who made the printing press?
What is the third person effect?
the attitude that others are influenced by media messages but we are not
the world made meaningful; socially constructed and maintained through communication, it limits as well as liberates us, differentiates as well as unites us, defines our realities and thereby shapes the ways we think, feel, and act
mass communication
the process of creating shared meaning between the mass media and their audiences
the increase in the ownership of media outlets by nonmedia companies
Audience fragmentation
audiences for specific media content becoming smaller and increasingly homogeneous
Appointment consumption
audiences consume content at a time predetermined by the producer and distributor
Media multitasking
Using multiple forms of media at once
News desert
communities starved for news vital to their existences due to a lack of journalistic resources
Who has to deal with audience fragmentations
Dot com bubble
All other companies other than amazon and ebay hit the ground
What was the effect of the dot com bubble
It increased the infrastructure faster
Moore's law
every two years the size of transistors gets halved and the speed gets doubled.
Nigerian scam
Need money to get more money, targets dumb people
What are some things that can be done to be safer online
Be aware of social presence
Update software
on the World Wide Web, an identifying name, rather than a site's formal URL, that gives some indication of the nature of a site's content or owner
SSL Certificate
An electronic document that confirms the identity of a website or server and verifies that a public key belongs to a trustworthy individual or company- in short certifies a website as safe
Hypertext protocol secure, means your passwords and such are safe
Facebook Depression
"depression that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social media sites, such as Facebook, and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression.
the massive electronic collection and distillation of consumer data
Stephen kinds plan b
What did stephen king do with his first big check
Budgeted it
What turned around steven kings career
The movie Carrie and the re-release of the book
Why did he think his idea for carrie was bad
He thought it was too long
How did he make money before he was an author
short stories in mens magazines
You choose not to read
American library bill of rights article 3
challenge censorship
American library code of ethics Act 2
don't censor library resources
What was the first amendment
freedom of speech
What are the first few words of the first amendment
congress shall make no law
in 1982 how was the first amendment challenged
Board of ed vs pico: schools cant remove library books because of their content
What was the first mass produced product
printed materials