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  1. tomboy
  2. tons
  3. dork
  4. have a ball
  5. conscious
  1. a aware of what you are doing; awake
  2. b a girl who behaves in a boyish manner
  3. c a large number or amount
  4. d a dull stupid person
  5. e have a good time

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  1. an annoying person
  2. very easy
  3. relating to or affecting the lungs
  4. a guy
  5. hurry up

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  1. cardiogood exercise for the heart


  2. worst-case scenarioabsolutely the worst possible case


  3. off the hookan annoying person


  4. like a deer caught in the headlightsstartled and confused


  5. consciencethe ability to recognize right from wrong


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