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  1. small talk
  2. ailment
  3. CPR
  4. piece of cake
  5. stiff
  1. a very easy
  2. b an often persistent bodily disorder or disease
  3. c a dead body
  4. d friendly conversation about light topics
  5. e cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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  1. hurry up
  2. a sudden burst of energy after fatigue
  3. a large number or amount
  4. hurried sex
  5. intravenous

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  1. to branch outto extend or expand one's activities or interests


  2. like a deer caught in the headlightsto extend or expand one's activities or interests


  3. worst-case scenariothe ability to recognize right from wrong


  4. OBGYNprenatal care, obstetric gynecologist


  5. exacerbatemake worse