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  1. piece of cake
  2. stuck
  3. worst-case scenario
  4. exacerbate
  5. quickie
  1. a make worse
  2. b hurried sex
  3. c very easy
  4. d caught or fixed
  5. e absolutely the worst possible case

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  1. hurry up
  2. institute legal proceedings against
  3. friendly conversation about light topics
  4. mental deterioration of organic or functional origin
  5. startled and confused

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  1. a racial sluran offensive remark aimed at one's race


  2. newbiean insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or studying excessively


  3. tomboysilly,funny


  4. jockin this case, a euphemism for "sh&$", i.e. nothing


  5. cadaverthe dead body of a human being