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  1. rounds
  2. jack
  3. feel free
  4. a tool
  5. dude
  1. a a guy
  2. b go right ahead
  3. c in this case, a euphemism for "sh&$", i.e. nothing
  4. d visits or checks a doctor makes on his patients
  5. e an annoying person

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  1. a person trained to compete in sports
  2. someone who is just starting out in a profession
  3. beneath the level of conscious mental awareness
  4. to vomit
  5. to get a beer

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  1. small talkfriendly conversation about light topics


  2. cadavera guy


  3. studinstitute legal proceedings against


  4. hotshota girl who behaves in a boyish manner


  5. sueinstitute legal proceedings against