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  1. Abeyance
  2. Audacious
  3. Plucky
  4. Ardor
  5. Archaic
  1. a ancient; old-fashioned
  2. b temporary suppression or suspension
  3. c courageous; spunky
  4. d fearless and daring
  5. e intense and passionate feeling

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  1. ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits
  2. deviation from what is normal
  3. a speaker of many languages
  4. something out of place in time
  5. to grow and flourish

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  1. Politiccontroversy; argument; verbal attack


  2. Precipitateto lie or deviate from the truth


  3. Ameliorateto make better


  4. Antagonizesomething out of place in time


  5. Calumnycourageous; spunky


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