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  1. Antagonize
  2. Assuage
  3. Audacious
  4. Ambiguous
  5. Pragmatic
  1. a fearless and daring
  2. b to make something unpleasant less severe
  3. c to annoy or provoke to anger
  4. d doubtful or uncertain; can be interpreted in several different ways
  5. e practical, as opposed to idealistic

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  1. dignified; graceful
  2. excess
  3. ancient; old-fashioned
  4. a speaker of many languages
  5. to leave secretly

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  1. Abeyanceto humble; disgrace


  2. Pristinemeaningless, foolish talk


  3. Prattlefresh and clean; uncorrupted


  4. Attenuatea monarch or ruler with great power


  5. Arrogateto claim without justification