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  1. Ambiguous
  2. Apocryphal
  3. Anomaly
  4. Polyglot
  5. Prattle
  1. a deviation from what is normal
  2. b of questionable authority or authenticity
  3. c meaningless, foolish talk
  4. d a speaker of many languages
  5. e doubtful or uncertain; can be interpreted in several different ways

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  1. able to speak clearly and expressively
  2. practical, as opposed to idealistic
  3. to cheat; defraud
  4. to leave secretly
  5. similar or alike in some way; equivalent to

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  1. Abeyancetemporary suppression or suspension


  2. Axiompremise; postulate; self-evident truth


  3. Ardorintense and passionate feeling


  4. Potentateto reduce in force or degree; weaken


  5. Attenuatea monarch or ruler with great power