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שביתה בשבת
Stopping [work] on Shabbat
How many מלאכות are there on Shabbat?
39: Any work that was done to build the mishkan can't be done on Shabbat
What is an אב מלאכה and what is a תולדה?
אב מלאכה is the actual way the work was done in the Mishkan. a תולדה is doing the same work (getting the same results) but doing it in a different way
מלאכת מחשבת
intended and significant accomplishment
Not to punish on Shabbos
Beit Din (Jewish Courts) are forbidden from carrying out any punishments on Shabbat
תחום שבת
The Shababt border: you can't walk outside of 2,000 amot of your "place" in a place with houses which are within 70 amot from each other you create a square to include all the houses and you start measuring 2,000 amot from outside this square
If you need to walk outside the 2,000 Amot, what can you do?
You can make an עירוב תחומין
How do you make an עירוב תחומין?
1. There has to be enough food for at least 2 meals
2. YOu need to know that it was placed there before Shabbat
3. An Eiruv Tchumin should be only used for a מצוה or a necessity
To sanctify the Shabbos with words קידוש והבדלה
On Friday night you have a מצוה מהתורה to make Kiddush
Why do we use בשמים and a נר when making הבדלה?
נר: Fire was created on מוצאי שבת
בשמים: the extra נשמה of shabbat leaves us and we want to replace the feeling of loss with something pleasant
נרות שבת ויום טוב
LIghting candles for Shabbat and Yom Tov
Who has to light Shabbat Candles?
Men and women have to do the Mitzvah! The custom is that women represent the family but when a man is alone, he has to light the candles.
הלכות עירובין
The laws of Eruv:
Carrying on Shabbat
On Shabbos, we are forbidden to carry from reshut hayachid (a private place) to a reshut barabim (a public place), and vice versa. We are also forbidden carry more than four amos in a public place. Inside reshus hayachid, we permitted carry much as want.
What are the six forbidden activities on Yom Kippur?
1. Work
2. Eating and drinking
3. Washing
4. Smearing oil
5. Wearing learher shoes
6. Marital relations
When are you allowed to do a מלאכה to prepare food on Yom Tov
1. It couldn't be done before Yom Tov
2. The food must be used on the same day
Are you allowed to carry something you could of prepared before Yom Tov?
Yes, even if you could have prepared it before Yom Tov you are allowed to carry it on Yom Tov to increase the joy of Yom Tov.
When are you allowed to work on חול המועד?
1. דבר האבוד
2. צרכי ציבור
3. Simple work
4. Work needed for the later days of Yom Tov
5. If the person dosnt have any money for food.
In what way are the laws of Yom Tov are stricter than שבת
נוֹלֶד new creations
How do you make something חמץ?
Water mixed with the 5 grains (BROWS) which was left without kneading for more than 18 minutes.
How much חמץ are you not allowed to eat on Pesach?
אסור במשהו:any amount is forbiden
In addition to not eating חמץ what else are you not allowed to do with חמץ?
Any enjoyment: אסור בהנאה
If you can't destroy your חמץ what else can you do?
1. Make it הפקר (ownerless)
2. Sell it or give it as a gift to a non- Jew
What is בל יראה ובל ימצא?
Your חמץ should not be seen or found on Pesach
What are the ingredients for מצה?
Any flour from the 5 grains with water (if anyrhing other then water is used, it is not poor mans bread and it is called מצה עשירה)
what is the מִצְוָה of סִיפּור יְצִיאַת מִצְרַים?
To tell the story of going out of Egypt on the first night of Pesach (see datailes in picture!)
Why don't you make a ברכה on doing the Mitzvah of סיפור יציאת מצרים
1. The whole Haggadah is like one big Bracha
2. During the Bracha of Kiddush we say זכר ליציאת מצרים
What type of horn is used as a kosher שוֹפָר?
From a Kosher animal
At least a Tefach long
No holes
מצות ישיבת בסוכה
For seven nights and seven days we drink and live in the succah as if it is our regular home. A kosher Sukkah must have at least three walls two of these walls must be at least 7 טפחים the third wall needs to be at least one טפח. the סכך cant be less than 10 טפחים and not more than 20 Amot tall
What materials for סכך?
1. Grows from the geound
2. No longer connected to the ground
3. Not already made into something which can become טמא.
מצטער-discomfort in the Sukkah
If you are uncomfortable in the succah because of weather, a bad smell, or insects, it is not necessary to eat or sleep in the slicker.
What is a kosher Luluv?
The spine should be 4 טפחים long
What is the מצוה of מחצית השקל?
In the times of the Beit Hamikdash every man needed to give a half shekel
מצות קידוש החודש
Sanctify the month and calculate the years