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Describes any tissue that does not have a direct blood supply


Describes any tissue that does have a direct blood supply


Flat cells; structure is ideal for diffusion/transport


Box-shaped or cube-shaped cells; structure is ideal for secretion/re-absorption


Tall, rectangular-shaped cells; structure is ideal for storage/absorption or protection


Term used to describe only ONE layer of cells


Term used to describe 2 or more layers of cells


Term used to describe a tissue that appears to have more than one layer, but is really only one layer; FAKE layers

Basal surface

Part of epithelial tissue that is at the bottom of the tissue and attached to the basement membrane

Free surface

Part of the epithelial tissue that is exposed to an open area (either the external environment or to the inside of a hollow organ).

Endocrine Glands

Glandular tissue that releases its products (hormones) directly into the bloodstream

Exocrine Glands

Glandular tissue that releases its products (mucus, saliva, oil, wax, sweat, digestive enzymes, milk) directly onto a surface


Term used to describe cells that have the ability to change shape from columnar/cuboidal to squamous/flat

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