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CS Test #1 word/excel

Artistic Effects
Formats that make pics look more like sketches or paintings
Text symbols such as small circles or check marks
Inline Object
A picture positioned directly in the text at the insertion point
Justified Alignment
Text aligned evenly at both the left and right margins
Left Alignment
Aligned at left margin, leaving right margin uneven
Line Spacing
The distance between lines of text in a paragraph
To move the text in small increments
Picture Styles
Shapes, shadows, frames, borders, and other specialized effects in which you can stylize and image
Predefined drawing objects such as stars, banners, arrows, and callouts, included with microsoft office, and that can be inserted into documents
Sizing handles
Small circles in the corners of a selected graphic with which you can resize the graphic proportionally
Text Wrapping
The manner in which text displays around an object
Smart Art
Designer quality graphic used to create a visual representation of information
Spin Box
Small box with an upward and downward pointing arrow that enables you to move rapidly through a set of values by clicking
A mark on the ruler that indicates the location where the insertion point will be placed when you press the tab key
Floating Object
A graphic that can be moved independently of the surrounding text characters
Auto Correct
A word feature that corrects common spelling errors as you type
The box at the intersection of a row and a column in a table
Complimentary closing
The parting farewell in a letter
Date line
The first line in a business letter that contains the current date and that is positioned just below the letterhead, if one is used
Inside address
The name and address of the person receiving a letter positioned below the dateline
Letter Head
The personal or company info that displays at the top of the letter
No spacing
The word style that inserts no extra space following a paragraph and uses single spacing
A document structure that opens a copy of itself, opens unnamed, and is used as the starting point for another document
A greeting line of a letter
Subject line
Optional line following the inside address in a business letter that states the purpose of the letter
An arrangement of info organized into rows and columns
Normal template
The template that serves as a basis for all new word documents
Writers identification
The name and title of the author of a letter, placed near the bottom of the letter under the complimentary closing
One of two commonly used style guides for formatting research papers
Style Guide
A manual that contains standards for the design and writing of documents
A list of cited works in a report or research paper, also referred to as works cited, sources, or references depending upon the report style
A note, inserted into the text of a research paper that refers the reader to a source in the bibliography
In a research paper, a note placed at the bottom of a page
In a research paper, a note placed at the bottom of a page
Hanging Indent
An indent style in which the 1st line of the paragraph extends to the left of the remaining lines and is commonly used for bibliography entries
Manual column break
An artificial end to a column to balance columns or to provide space for the insertion of other objects
Manual page break
The action of forcing the page to an end and placing subsequent text at the top of the next page
In a research paper info that expands on the topic, but doesn't fit well into the document text
Page break indicator
A dotted line with the text page break that indicates where a manual break was inserted
Parenthetical reference
In MLA style a citation that refers to items on the works cited page, and which is placed in parenthesis the citation includes the last name of the author or authors and the page number in the referenced source
Screen Shot
An image of an active window on your computer that you can paste into a document
A group of formations commands such as font, font size, font color, paragraph alignment, and line spacing
Works Cited
In MLA style, a list of cited works placed at the end of a research paper or report
The intersection of a column and a row
Cell address
Another name for cell reference
Cell content
Information such as numbers, text, dates, or times of day that you type into a cell
The graphic representation of data in a worksheet
Constant Value
Text or numbers in a cell that are not a formula
Fill handle
Small black square in the lower right hand corner of the selected cell
Equation that performs mathematical calculations on values in a worksheet
Number value
a constant value consisting of only numbers
Horizontal group of cells in a worksheet
Sheet tabs
Labels along the lower border of the excel window that identify each worksheet
Spread sheets
Another name for worksheets
Anything typed into a cell
Excel file that contains one or more worksheets
Formatting marks
Characters that display on the screen to show location of paragraphs, tabs, and spaces, but that do not print
The placement of text relative to the left and right margins
Symbol that indicates to which paragraph an image is attached to
A moveable, resizable container for text or graphics
A place holder that displays present content, such as the current date, file name, page number, or other stored information
The space between the text and the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the paper
Numbered list
A group of items in which items are displayed in order to indicate definite steps, a sequence of action, or chronological order
Series of dots following a tab that serve to guide the reader's eye
When creating a table the with of cells is...
Red wavy underline
An indicator that shows words that may be misspelled
Green wavy underline
An indicator that shows possible grammar error
Blue wavy underline
An indicator that shows possible word usage errors
Research tool that provides a list of words with similar meanings
A word with the same or similar meaning of another word
Text Control
In a template an area indicated by place holder text in which you can add text, pictures, dates, or lists
Web Page
A document saved in HTML which can be opened using a web browser
Using drag and drop is most useful when both the text and destination are on the same...
Find command
Used to locate specific text in a document quickly
The banner on the front of a newsletter that identifies the publication
A portion of the document that can be formatted separately from the rest of the document
Small Caps
a fot effect commonly used in titles that changes lowercase text into upper case letters using the reduced font size
Enter Key
To end a line before the normal end of a line, without creating a new paragraph, hold down the shift key while pressing the...
Bent Arrow
The nonprinting symbol that displays where a manual line break is inserted
Main Document
In mail merge, the document that contains the text or formatting that remains constant
Data Source
In mail merge, the list of variable information, such as names and addresses, that is merged with a main document to create customized form letters or labels
In mail merge, a row of information that contains data for one person
Mail Merge Wizard
To perform a mail merge using Word's step by step guided process, use the...
On startup, Excel displays a new blank...
Formula bar
An Excel window element that displays the value or formula contained in the active cell
Name Box
An Excel window, element that displays the name of the selected cell, table, chart, or object
Select all box
A box in the upper left corner of the worksheet grid that selects all the cells in a worksheet
Active cell
A cell surrounded by a black border and ready to receive data
Auto Fill
The feature that generates and extends values into adjacent cells based on the values of selected cells
General Format
The default format that Excel applies to numbers
Underlying Value
The data that displays in the formula bar
The type of cell reference that refers to cells by their fixed position in a worksheet
Tiny charts embedded in a cell that give a visual trend summary alongside your data