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what are the 3 characteristics of mental disorder?
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what is brain self-stimulation? How is it related to abusive drugs?rats press a lever: either stimulating that part of the brain with an electric shock or injecting that part of the brain with a drug abuse drugs work only where the electric shock workshow does cocaine increase the availability of DA in the brain?cocaine binds to DA transporters preventing DA re-uptake, so that DA remains available to receptors for a longer amount of timewhat is the behavioral indicator of drug tolerance? What is the neural mechanism underlying it?BI: when you get less amount of feeling (euphoria) for the same amount of drug NM: less DA receptors bc the brain adapts to the extra euphoria by killing off receptors, leading to higher drug consumptionhow does the history of cocaine use in the US illustrate that the concept of drug abuse can be socially constructed rather than biologically defined?during Freud's time, most women who used cocaine were middle class and it was legalized. it became illegal in 1914 bc lower class people were using it. Alcohol was illegal and became biologically more harmful. Alcohol stayed legal bc everybody was using it. During prohibition, alcohol was illegal but bc everyone was using it regardless this ended prohibition and so alcohol was made legal again.according to the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) hypothesis, what behavioral factor determines the effect of alcohol on a woman's health?depends on the dosewhat was the kind of experimental design used in the NHS and how often were the participants sampled?longitudinalwhat were the methods used to assess alcohol use and health, respectively? What were the categories of alcohol use and how were they defined?Alcohol: food questionnaire Categories: no alcohol, moderate (1 drink/day, women), and heavy (2-3 drinks/day, women)compared to non-drinkers, what were the relative risks of developing cardiovascular disease and breast cancer respectively for women who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol?CVD: .64 less likely to develop Breast Cancer: 1.3 more likely to developcompared to a representative sample of all women in the US, what was one advantage and one disadvantage of using nurses in this study?+: nurses are easy to track (their licenses are submitted) -: nurses are well informed about the negative health effects of alcohol consumption and so this already leads affects their results