Muscles - Medical Terminology

29 terms by stieman

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degeneration of muscle tissue + replaced by connective tissue. Fibrosis in elderly


increase in size of muscle due to exercise

Myasthenia Gravis

easily fatigued muscles. Impaired impulses at myoneural junction of striated muscle. Autoimmune disease


inability to contract due to nerve injury . Flaccid - relaxed state - motor neuron damage. Spastic - contracted state - CNS damage


1 appendage


2 appendages


both arms or legs


1 arm + 1 leg


all 4 appendages


inflammation of tendon sheaths

Fasciculations, Fibrillations + Tremors

involuntary, repetitive contractions due to nerve damage


sudden involuntary contraction of skeletal muscle.

Trigger Finger

type of tenosynovitis

Rigor Mortis

state of contracture after death due to loss of ATP + actin cannot be released + lactic acid builds up


muscle pain


inflammation of muscle tissue


inflammation of connective tissue within muscle, near joint


Myositis + Fibrositis


muscle shortens in relaxed state, usually during extended bed rest


inflammation of gray matter of spinal cord producing paralysis. caused by virus


protrusion of part of content of abdomen through muscle or connective tissue

Inguinal Hernia

80%. most commonly abdominal viscera protrudes through canal

Femoral Hernia

Enlargement of skin in groin area as intestines push into the area. common in females

Umbilical Hernia

around umbilicas

Hiatal Hernia

stomach protrudes into chest cavity from weakness in diaphragm

Muscular Dystrophy

degeneration of muscle proteins + fibers. Most often males.

Duchenne -- MD

common, sex linked, recessive affects lower limbs


both sexes, dominant allele, slower + affects upper limbs

Intramuscular Injection Sites

Vastus lateralis, deltoid, gluteal muscles

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