10 terms

Goal 1 - Minerals

What is a mineral?
The building blocks of rocks.
5 things that make a mineral
1. Solid
2. Naturally formed
3. Inorganic
4. Fixed crystalline structure
5. Made of Element
What is an element?
Pure substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical means. (Gold, oxygen, etc.)
What does inorganic mean?
Not alive and never was alive.
What is streak?
The color of the powder of a mineral. It is called this because the proper way to test for it is to rub a mineral across a tile of white unglazed porcelain and to examine the color left behind.
What is luster?
The way in which light reflects from the surface. How shiny something is.
What is cleavage?
The tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces.
What does fracture mean?
The tendency of a mineral to break into irregular pieces.
What is hardness?
The resistance to being scratched.
A scale known as the Moh's scale is often use
What is density?
How much "stuff" is inside an object.