protraction and arrest disorders
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trichomanasmalodorous, gray-green, thin, frothy vaginal discharge vaginal and vulvar pruritus , dysuria and dyspareunia highly motile, pear shaped organism with 3-5 flagella. pH 5-6emergency contraception, plan Blevonorgestrel progestin-only methodtomoxifenselective estrogen receptor modulator antagonist in breast partial agonist/antagonis on the endometriumbacterial vaginosisthin, grey-white vaginal discharge vaginal pH > 4.5 positive whiff test upon addition of KOH to the vaginal discharge (amine-like fishy odor) clue cells (vaginal epithelial cells with adherent coccobacilli on wet mount) metronidazolequadruple test in predicting down'sincreased beta HCG and inhibin A and decreased MSAFP and estrioletiology of intraauterine growth restrictionsymmetic causes (fetal factors) chromosomal abnormalities congenital anomalies congenital infections asymmetric causes hypertension preclampsia uterine anomalies maternal antiphospholipid syndrome collagen vascular disease maternal cigarette smokinganticonsulsant medicine induced fetal dysmorphic features (fetal hydantoin syndrome: phenytoin and carbamazepine)midfacial hypoplasia microcephaly cleft lip and palate digital hypoplasia hirsutism developmental delaycongenital syphilisrhinitis hepatosplenomegaly skin lesions later presentation interstitial keratitis hutchinson teeth saddle nose saber shins deafness and central nervous system involvementhCGsecreted by the syncytiotrophoblast and is responsible for preserving the corpus luteum during early pregnancy. alfa subunit is common to hcg and tsh and lh and fsh other function including: promoting male sexual differentiation and stimulation of maternal thyroid glandfasting glucose level during pregnancybetween 75-90 mg/dLgestational diabetes risks for the fetusmacrosomia, hypocalcemia hypoglycemia hyperviscosity due to phlycythemia respiratory difficulties cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failuregestational diabetes diagnosis50 mg one hour >140mg/dL 100mg oral glucose tolerance test fasting >95 mg/dL one hour > 180 mg/dL 2 hour > 155 mg/dL 3 hour > 140 mg/dLclomiphene citrateestrogen analog that improves GnRH release and FSH releaseOCP serious side effectsvenous thromboembolism cardiovascular events/stroke elevation of triglyceride levels cholestasis diabetes hypertensionOCP preventsovarian cysts and cancer endometrial cancer benign breast disease dysmenorrhea