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  1. reflection
  2. diffraction examples
  3. On a distance vs. time graph, constant velocity is represented by
  4. Absolute Zero
  5. medium
  1. a the bouncing back of a wave as it strikes a barrier
  2. b the temperature at which particles stop moving entirely (impossible to actually reach)
  3. c A straight line
  4. d any substance that a wave moves through
  5. e light will bend around a lampshade; sounds can be heard even if you are hiding behind something

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  1. when waves cancel each other out
  2. the transfer of heat by rays or waves
  3. object moving forward
  4. 32°F

  5. straight line, slope = 0 (line is flat)

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  1. Examples of EM Waveselectromagnetic wave; moves energy through space (sometimes empty space, sometimes through a medium - DOES NOT REQUIRE A MEDIUM)


  2. Examples of mechanical wavesSound, ocean waves, earthquakes


  3. reflection examplesa straw looks "broken" when you look at it in a glass of water (because the light bends when it enters the water)


  4. zero (momentum)an object at rest has ______ momentum


  5. specific heatThe price you pay (in energy) to change the temperature of something.