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  1. Positive accelerations
  2. refraction
  3. example of high specific heat
  4. Boiling point of water in °F
  5. Melting point of water in °C
  1. a speed is increasing
  2. b water
  3. c 212°F
  4. d the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle other than 90 degrees
  5. e 0°C

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  1. oven, blood (circulating), furnace
  2. object moving forward

  3. smiling curve (slope gets steeper and steeper)

  4. straight line, positive slope
  5. electromagnetic wave; moves energy through space (sometimes empty space, sometimes through a medium - DOES NOT REQUIRE A MEDIUM)

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  1. converting Celsius to Kelvinthe transfer of heat by the circulation or movement of a liquid or gas


  2. diffractionthe spreading out of waves through an opening or around the edges of an obstacle


  3. inertiaobjects in motion tend to stay in the same motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest


  4. SI unit for speed/velocitym/s (meters per second)


  5. specific heatdifficult to change the temperature