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  1. Boiling point of water in K
  2. specific heat
  3. Conduction
  4. reflection examples
  5. Radiation (examples)
  1. a sun, heat lamp
  2. b mirror (light waves), echo (sound waves), RADAR (radio waves)
  3. c 373K
  4. d the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching
  5. e The price you pay (in energy) to change the temperature of something.

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  1. always goes from hot to cold

  2. the distance from one wave crest to the very next crest. (This may also be measured from trough to trough.)
  3. 1) speed and frequency = directly proportional
    (as speed goes up, frequency goes up)
    2) wavelength and frequency = inversely proportional
    (as wavelength gets longer, frequency goes down)
  4. Kelvins
  5. the temperature at which particles stop moving entirely (impossible to actually reach)

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  1. Examples of mechanical waveswaves that transfer energy through matter


  2. (distance vs. time) standing still
    straight line, slope = 0 (line is flat)


  3. interferenceobjects in motion tend to stay in the same motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest


  4. freefallthe number of waves passing a fixed point in a certain amount of time; it is based partly on wavelength (longer wavelengths take a longer time to pass) and partly on the speed the wave travels


  5. SI unit for speed/velocitym/s (meters per second)