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  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Boiling point of water in °C
  3. Radiation (examples)
  4. Graph: distance vs. time (slope)
  5. diffraction examples
  1. a the temperature at which particles stop moving entirely (impossible to actually reach)
  2. b light will bend around a lampshade; sounds can be heard even if you are hiding behind something
  3. c slope = velocity
  4. d sun, heat lamp
  5. e 100°C

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  1. a straw looks "broken" when you look at it in a glass of water (because the light bends when it enters the water)
  2. easy to change the temperature
  3. mirror (light waves), echo (sound waves), RADAR (radio waves)
  4. the transfer of heat by rays or waves
  5. m/s² (meters per second squared)

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  1. Negative velocityobject moving backwards


  2. Negative accelerationsthe spreading out of waves through an opening or around the edges of an obstacle


  3. Heat flowalways goes from hot to cold


  4. Convectionthe direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching


  5. momentummass x speed


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