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  1. Melting point of water in K
  2. SI unit for acceleration
  3. zero (momentum)
  4. wavelength
  5. example of high specific heat
  1. a m/s² (meters per second squared)
  2. b
    the distance from one wave crest to the very next crest. (This may also be measured from trough to trough.)
  3. c 273K
  4. d an object at rest has ______ momentum
  5. e water

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  1. when the only force acting on an object is gravity
  2. the number of waves passing a fixed point in a certain amount of time; it is based partly on wavelength (longer wavelengths take a longer time to pass) and partly on the speed the wave travels
  3. easy to change the temperature
  4. difficult to change the temperature
  5. m/s (meters per second)

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  1. mediumany substance that a wave moves through


  2. Positive accelerationsspeed is increasing


  3. Radiation (examples)sun, heat lamp


  4. Melting point of water in °C0°C


  5. Absolute Zerothe temperature at which particles stop moving entirely (impossible to actually reach)