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  1. equal and opposite forces
  2. On a distance vs. time graph, constant velocity is represented by
  3. converting Fahrenheit to Kelvin
  4. Graph: distance vs. time (slope)
  5. Velocity
  1. a slope = velocity
  2. b must convert to Celsius first, THEN to Kelvin
  3. c speed and direction
  4. d A straight line
  5. e whenever a force is exerted, there is another force that is equal in size and opposite in direction

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  1. when the only force acting on an object is gravity
  2. the AVERAGE kinetic energy of an object's particles due to non-directional motion at the atomic level
  3. object moving backwards
  4. 373K
  5. objects in motion tend to stay in the same motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest

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  1. Melting point of water in K32°F


  2. specific heatThe price you pay (in energy) to change the temperature of something.


  3. low specific heatdifficult to change the temperature


  4. example of high specific heatwater


  5. Absolute Zerothe temperature at which particles stop moving entirely (impossible to actually reach)