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  1. Radiation (examples)
  2. Which temperature scale can be used for calculations in science?
  3. medium
  4. wave
  5. zero (momentum)
  1. a an object at rest has ______ momentum
  2. b a disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another
  3. c any substance that a wave moves through
  4. d Kelvins
  5. e sun, heat lamp

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  1. object is not moving
  2. Sound, ocean waves, earthquakes
  3. metal
  4. A straight line
  5. objects in motion tend to stay in the same motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest

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  1. Positive accelerationsspeed is increasing


  2. (distance vs. time) speeding up (accelerating)
    smiling curve (slope gets steeper and steeper)


  3. high specific heatdifficult to change the temperature


  4. Velocitythe bouncing back of a wave as it strikes a barrier


  5. SI Unit for forceN (Newton)


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