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ICP FINAL #2 - Motion

SI unit for speed/velocity
m/s (meters per second)
SI unit for acceleration
m/s² (meters per second squared)
Positive accelerations
speed is increasing
Negative accelerations
speed is decreasing
Acceleration is zero
the object is not chaning speed (is not moving or is moving with constant speed)
Positive velocity
object moving forward
Negative velocity
object moving backwards
Velocity is zero
object is not moving
speed and direction
Graph: distance vs. time (slope)
slope = velocity
On a distance vs. time graph, constant velocity is represented by
A straight line
(distance vs. time) constant speed forward
straight line, positive slope
(distance vs. time) standing still
straight line, slope = 0 (line is flat)
(distance vs. time) speeding up (accelerating)
smiling curve (slope gets steeper and steeper)
(distance vs. time) slowing down
frowning curve (slope gets flatter and flatter)