Physical Therapy


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Secondary injury survey
a thorough, methodical evaluation of an athlete's overall health to reveal additional injuries beyond the initial injury
Primary Injury Survey
assessment of life-threatening emergencies and management of airway, breathing, and circulation. EMS should be activated when threats to life are suspected
passive motion
movement through range of motion performed by the examiner while the athlete relaxes all muscles
anthropomorphic data
Statistics on size, weight, body structure, gender, strength, and maturity level of an individual.
mechanism of force
All energies involved at the time of an impact
ligaments laxity
degree of looseness in the ligaments of a joint
active motion
movement through range of motion done by the athlete during examination to assess injury
to examine by touch
automated external defibrillator
history, observation, palpation, special tests
functional activity
The level of movement at which the athlete can comfortably work and participate
Sport-specific activity
Particular types of movement and actions that are needed in or related to a particular sport
orderly collection on the athlete
to help understand the injury