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terms to know

Robert Clive

East India Trading Company employee who became a military officer.
Defeated Muslim forces at Plassey and drove Dutch and French from Bengal.
Appointed governor of Bengal

Jawaharial Nehru

India's first prime minister and President of Muslim National Congress
High-caste Hindu and lawyer

Leo Tolstoy

Russian novelist
Ghandi studied his ideas on nonviolence

Queen Victoria

British Queen
Declared Empress of India in 1876 by British parliament

General Reginal Dyer


Henry David Throeau

American writer
Ghandi studied his writings about civil disobedience

Sir John A. R. Marriott

20th century British writer who wrote with pride about all the "accomplishments" Britain brought to India

Mohandas Gandhi


Mohammed Ali Jinnah


East India company





Hindu practice of offering human sacrifice to Kali-the goddess of destruction



Government of India Act 1909


Civil disobedience


Salt Law


princely states


representative consciousness


Muslim League


Rowlatt Acts



soul-force or soul-truth
a cornerstone of Ghandi's philosophy that converts an opponent through truth, love and self-sacrifice



Government of India Act of 1935



tax collectors under the Mogul ruler Akbar


Hindu custom of a widow committing suicide by throwing herself on the funeral pyre of her husband


Hindu and Muslim soldiers recruited by the East India Company. British commanders did not treat them as equals to European soldiers.
Responsible for the Sepoy Mutiny

National Congress Party


Communal Representation






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