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  1. Why do you wipe the thermometer with an alcohol sponge
  2. Rate of Respiration is adults
  3. Pulse range for Adults
  4. Other reasons for body temperature changes
  5. Before putting on gloves what must you do
  1. a 60-100 beats per minute
  2. b Wash your hands
  3. c It removes the sediment from the thermometer
  4. d Breaths per minute Adult is; 12-20
  5. e Time of the Day: Morning body temperature is lower, Evening body temperature is higher

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  1. 36.4 Degrees Celsius
  2. 86
  3. a fever is present
  4. Another name for fever
  5. 30 to 50 mm Hg.Example: if systolic is 120mm Hg, and Diastolic is 80mm Hg the pulse pressure is 40mm Hg. (120 - 80 = 40) Pulse pressure should be one-third of the systolic reading

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  1. Children Pulse ages 1 - 7 years is60-70 beats per minute


  2. Axillary Normal range temperature is96.6 to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit


  3. Pulse sitesRefers to the pressure of the blood pushing against the wall of an artery as the heart beats & rests. Throbbing caused by the contractions of the heart


  4. Rectal Normal Average is99.6 degrees Fahrenheit


  5. What is Hypothermiais a low body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit or (35 degrees celsius)