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  1. Stethoscope parts
  2. Tachycardia is
  3. Oral average temp
  4. What is the reason for pulling the pinna of the ear up and back
  5. Bradypnea
  1. a It straightens the auditory canal so the probe tip will point directly at the tympanic membrane
  2. b Slow respiratory rate, usually below 10 respirations per minute
  3. c A Pulse rate over 100 beats per minute (except children)
  4. d 98.6 Degrees F
  5. e Earpieces, tubing, bell or thin flexible disk called a diaphragm

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  1. Illness, infection, exercise, excitements & high temperatures in the environment
  2. taken between the two folds of skin formed by the inner part of the thigh and the lower abdomen
  3. Breaths per minute for children is; 16-30
  4. It has a long slender bulb, stem, tip colored red or blue, filled with mercury or alcohol
  5. (F-32) X 0.56 = C

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  1. What must you do first before doing anything with your patientIdentify Yourself


  2. What degree must you shake down the thermometer before cleaning96 degrees Fahrenheit or lower


  3. Rectal Average in CelsiusRefers to the regularity of the pulse, or the spacing of the beats, described as regular or irregular


  4. Temperatures above 106 Degrees Fahrenheit can lead toconvulsions, brain damage and death


  5. What must you check 3 times before usingBy prolonged exposure to hot temperatures