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  1. Bradycardia is
  2. Temperature of 41.1 degrees celsius equals what in Fahrenheit
  3. Blood Pressure Ranges for Adults
  4. Tachycardia is
  5. Adult Pulse for women
  1. a 65-70 beats per minute
  2. b a pulse rate under 60 beats per minute
  3. c 106 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. d A Pulse rate over 100 beats per minute (except children)
  5. e Systolic 100-120, Diastolic 60-80

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  1. 98.6 to 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. 37.0 to 38.1 Degrees Celsius
  3. in the rectum
  4. Illness, infection, exercise, excitements & high temperatures in the environment
  5. Starvation or fasting, sleep, decreased muscle activity, mouth breathing, exposure to cold temperatures in the environment & certain diseases.

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  1. Oral Normal range temperature in Celsius36.0 to 37.0 Degrees Celsius


  2. Clinical Thermometer partsBulb, Stem, Tip


  3. Infants Pulse isRefers to the regularity of the pulse, or the spacing of the beats, described as regular or irregular


  4. Diastolic Pressure measurementIs a measurement of the pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries during the various stages of heart activity. It is read in Millimeters (mm) of mercury


  5. Correct positioning for taking a temporal temperature isGently position the probe flat on the center of the forehead, midway between the eyebrow and hairline. Press and hold the scan button


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