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  1. Tympanic thermometers are used where
  2. Temperature loss can be caused by
  3. When putting the thermometer into the patients mouth, where is it placed and what instructions do you give to the patient
  4. Each time a pulse is measured 3 different facts must be noted
  5. What causes the lubb-dubb heart sounds that are heard while taking an apical pulse
  1. a In the ear or called Aural.
  2. b Rate and Rhythm and Volume
  3. c Urination, Perspiration, Feces, Respiration
  4. d Place the bulb under the tongue, toward the side of the mouth, and ask the patient to hold it in place with the lips, caution not to bite it
  5. e Each lubb-dupp counts as one heartbeat. The sounds are caused by the closing of the heart valves as blood flows through the chambers of the heart

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  1. An irregular or abnormal rhythm usually caused by a defect in the electrical conduction pattern of the heart
  2. respirations
  3. Ax, R, A, O
  4. oral, axillary, rectal, temporal, ear
  5. It straightens the auditory canal so the probe tip will point directly at the tympanic membrane

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  1. Tachycardia isA Pulse rate over 100 beats per minute (except children)


  2. Adult Pulse for men is60-70 beats per minute


  3. temporal pulse is taken whereon either side of the forehead


  4. Temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit equals what in celsius41.1 degrees Celsius


  5. Oral Normal Average temperature is98.6 degrees Fahrenheit