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  1. Respiratory Rate for Adults
  2. Before taking a temperature you must do what first
  3. Volume pulse is
  4. What is the reason for pulling the pinna of the ear up and back
  5. Where does the Temporal temperature get its reading from
  1. a the Temporal artery
  2. b It straightens the auditory canal so the probe tip will point directly at the tympanic membrane
  3. c put on gloves, and ask patient if they have had anything to eat, drink or smoke in the last 15 minutes
  4. d the strength or intensity of the pulse. It is described by words such as Strong, Weak, Thready, or Bounding
  5. e 12 - 20 breaths a minute

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  1. 37 Degrees Celsius
  2. Should be approximately 80 % of the circumference of the patient's upper arrm
  3. Patients with irregular heart beats, hardening of the arteries, weak or rapid radial pulse
  4. Normal quiet breathing
  5. Temperature, Pulse, Respiration

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  1. Rales5 feet


  2. What are some causes of increased body temperatureThe thermometer detects & measure the thermal, infrared energy radiating from blood vessels in the tympanic membrane, or eardrum.


  3. What can cause HyperthermiaRefers to the regularity of the pulse, or the spacing of the beats, described as regular or irregular


  4. When taking a temporal temperature what must you check forthe forehead must be free of perspiration. Wipe the perspiration away if present.


  5. Systolic Pressure measurementEarpieces, tubing, bell or thin flexible disk called a diaphragm