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  1. Maritime Climate
  2. Hurricane
  3. Brackish
  4. Escarpement
  5. Boreal
  1. a slightly salty
  2. b Northern, or of the Arctic.
  3. c tropical storm with violent wind and heavy rain
  4. d climate type that is strongly influenced by the closeness of an ocean or other large water body. The annual temperature range tends to be small and precipitation is high.
  5. e steep cliff or slope formed by erosion or faulting

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  1. pertaining to the structure of the earth's crust
  2. the usual shape of a tornado; tube of winds spiraling at high speeds
  3. mountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds
  4. an area with similar characteristics.
  5. Area on the leeward slope of mountain range where percipitation is greatly reduced compared to the wind ward slope on the other side.

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  1. Volcanic Mountainsmountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds


  2. Erodea vast treeless plain in the Arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line. Bushes, grasses, mosses, and similar plants dominate.


  3. Faultingmovement along a crack (fault) or cracks in the earth's crust


  4. Rift ValleyA long, narrow valley in Earth's crust where two continental plates are separating or between two faults.


  5. Climatea raised area of flat land


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