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  1. Escarpement
  2. Coniferous
  3. Rift Valley
  4. Volcanic Mountains
  5. Climate
  1. a trees such as evergreens that have cones and needle-shaped leaves, and keep their foliage throughout the winter
  2. b the prevailing conditions of precipitation and temperature
  3. c A long, narrow valley in Earth's crust where two continental plates are separating or between two faults.
  4. d mountains that form when molten rock erupts onto the earth's surface
  5. e steep cliff or slope formed by erosion or faulting

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  1. a raised area of flat land
  2. Northern, or of the Arctic.
  3. an area of low, wet, spongy land
  4. pertaining to the structure of the earth's crust
  5. climate that has warm summers and cool winters

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  1. Continental Climateclimate type that is strongly influenced by the closeness of an ocean or other large water body. The annual temperature range tends to be small and precipitation is high.


  2. Glaciationthe changing of landforms by slowly moving glaciers (sheets of ice)


  3. Deciduousa name for trees which lose their leaves every year


  4. Deltaan area of low, wet, spongy land


  5. Rain-Shadowa brief, violently destructive windstorm occurring over land, funnel-shaped


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