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  1. Marsh
  2. Muskeg
  3. Vegetation
  4. Fold Mountains
  5. Rift Valley
  1. a A long, narrow valley in Earth's crust where two continental plates are separating or between two faults.
  2. b plants that grow naturally in an area
  3. c mountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds
  4. d A level bog or swamp found in Canada
  5. e low-lying wet land that floods in wet weather

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  1. a vast treeless plain in the Arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line. Bushes, grasses, mosses, and similar plants dominate.
  2. the usual shape of a tornado; tube of winds spiraling at high speeds
  3. a brief, violently destructive windstorm occurring over land, funnel-shaped
  4. Northern, or of the Arctic.
  5. rock that is formed from layers of sediments that are pressed and squeezed together until it hardens

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  1. Deltaa region formed by deposits of silt or soil at the mouth of a river


  2. Continental Climateclimate type that is strongly influenced by the closeness of an ocean or other large water body. The annual temperature range tends to be small and precipitation is high.


  3. Hurricanetropical storm with violent wind and heavy rain


  4. Faultinga region formed by deposits of silt or soil at the mouth of a river


  5. Topographyclimate that has warm summers and cool winters