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  1. Tectonic
  2. Temperate
  3. Marsh
  4. Coniferous
  5. Sedimentary
  1. a rock that is formed from layers of sediments that are pressed and squeezed together until it hardens
  2. b low-lying wet land that floods in wet weather
  3. c climate that has warm summers and cool winters
  4. d pertaining to the structure of the earth's crust
  5. e trees such as evergreens that have cones and needle-shaped leaves, and keep their foliage throughout the winter

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  1. to wear away the surface of the Earth
  2. steep cliff or slope formed by erosion or faulting
  3. tropical storm with violent wind and heavy rain
  4. mountains that form when molten rock erupts onto the earth's surface
  5. A level bog or swamp found in Canada

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  1. Sinkan area of low, wet, spongy land


  2. VortexNorthern, or of the Arctic.


  3. Maritime Climatethe prevailing conditions of precipitation and temperature


  4. Glaciationplants that grow naturally in an area


  5. Regionan area with similar characteristics.