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  1. Rift Valley
  2. Topography
  3. Region
  4. Volcanic Mountains
  5. Erode
  1. a an area with similar characteristics.
  2. b the shape of the land
  3. c to wear away the surface of the Earth
  4. d A long, narrow valley in Earth's crust where two continental plates are separating or between two faults.
  5. e mountains that form when molten rock erupts onto the earth's surface

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  1. mountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds
  2. a vast treeless plain in the Arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line. Bushes, grasses, mosses, and similar plants dominate.
  3. climate that has warm summers and cool winters
  4. tropical storm with violent wind and heavy rain
  5. low-lying wet land that floods in wet weather

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  1. Escarpementan area of low, wet, spongy land


  2. Vortexa mass of rotating or whirling fluid or air that whirls in a rotary direction


  3. Tectonican area with similar characteristics.


  4. Plateaua raised area of flat land


  5. Maritime Climatethe prevailing conditions of precipitation and temperature