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public policy

the way our federal, state or local government fulfill their responsibilities while still agreeing. They protect people's rights and promote the general welfare of citizens.

civil society

a group or organization that is not affiliated with the government

community standards

a law or custom established by a unified body of individuals (people that share common interests or characteristics)

basic liberties

fundamental privileges or rights to do the things you want


the circumstances or conditions by which a person is surrounded


a number more than half the total

majority rule

when a majority of a group holds the power to make decisions binding on all the group

minority rights

rights given to people regardless of their membership of a minority group based on gender, sexuality, race, age, or anything else


an opinion or position reached by a group or whole


a person residing in a certain place legally

representative democracy

a person or way to elect individuals to represent their country/ state/ city

civil solution example (too many children out late at night)

have after school care until parents can pick them up, carpool, have vehicle to send children home

public policy solution example

local police sets curfew

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