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Georgia Government & Politics


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Who are the Georgia US Senators?
Senator Johnny Isakson (republican) (senior senator) and Senator David Perdue (republican) (junior senator)
Who is the US Congressman in Northwest Georgia?
-14th Congressional District of Ga
- Tom Graves (republican)
-represents: Rome, Dalton, Chatsworth, Ringgold, Calhoun, (all of northwest georgia north of Cartersville and west of Ellijay)
-up for re-election every 2 years
Who is the Governor of Georgia? (holds the office of governor)
Governor Nathan Deal (republican)
Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia?
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle (republican)
Who is the Secretary of State in Georgia?
Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp (republican)
Who is the Attorney General of Georgia?
Attorney General Chris Carr (republican)
Who is the Commissioner of Insurance in Georgia?
Ralph Hudgens (republican)
What does the commissioner of Agriculture do and who holds the office in Georgia?
-helps promote and regulate GA Agriculture
-Gary Black (republican)
What does the commissioner of labor do and who holds the office in Georgia?
-helps find you a job
- Mark Butler (republican)
What does the State School Superintendent do and who holds the office in Georgia?
-sets a state curriculum
- Richard Wood (republican)
What is the Public Service Commission and who all is a part of it in Georgia?
- they regulate public services
- Chuck Eaton, Doug Everett, Lauren McDonald Jr., Tim Echols, & Stan Wise
Georgia House
-180 members
-each term is 2 years
Speaker of the House
David Ralston
Georgia Senate
-56 members
-each term is 2 years
Lt. Governor Casey Cagle
President Pro Tempore
David Shafer
What are all of the parts of the Georgia General Assembly? (5 parts)
-Georgia House
-Speaker of the House
-Georgia Senate
-President Pro Tempore
Local Georgia House Members
- John Deffenbaugh (R): district 1 (lookout mountain)
-Steve Tarvin (R): district 2 (LaFayette)
-Dewayne Hill (R): district 3 (ringgold)
-Kasey Carpenter (R): district 4 (dalton)
-John Meadows (R): district 5 (Calhoun)
-Jason Ridley (R): district 6 (cohutta)
Local Georgia Senate Members
-Chuck Hustetler (R): district 52 (Rome)
-Jeff Mullis (R): district 53 (Chickamauga)
-Chuck Payne (R): district 54 (dalton)
Georgia Supreme Court
-P. Harris Hines, chief justice
-Harold D. Melton, presiding justice
-Robert Benham, justice (j)
-Carol W. Hunstein, j
-David E. Nahmias, j
-Keith R. Blackwell, j
-Michael P. Boggs, j
-Nels S.D. Peterson, j
-Britt C. Grant, j
Georgia Constitution
Established the government for the state of Georgia.
How many votes must you get in the state of Georgia to avoid a run-off election?
You must get a MAJORITY
Who was Governor Eugene Talmadge?
-ran 1933 to 1937 and 1941 to 1943
-elected in 1946 (he died before the election yet still was elected)
-3 governors incident
-Melvin E. thompson (lt. gov. elect)
-Ellis Arnall (previous governor)
-Herman Talmadge (son and write-in canidate)
- all 3 found a way to be sworn in, yet the courts decided that Thompson would be governor
Who was Governor Carl Sanders?
-ran 1963-1967
-young governor
-brought Ga into modern times
-ATL airport
-places like DSC
-airports in many Ga Communities
-Atlanta being and international city
-"Empire State of the South"
Who was Governor Zell Miller?
-ran 1991 to 1999
-governor during the Olympics
-Hope Scholarship
Who was Governor Sonny Perdue?
-ran 2003 to 2011
-first republican governor since reconstruction
-first republican to win re-election
What does the office of the Governor of Georgia do?
-gov. of Ga has a lot of power
- can sign or veto legislation up to 40 days after the legislative session ends
-has the line-item veto power
-allows him to choose what he wants to keep and what he wants to get rid of in spending legislation
What does the office of the Lieutenant Governor do?
-2nd highest elected official in Ga.
-President of the Ga Senate
-if something happens to the Governor then the lt. gov. exercises the powers of the governor
-if the Governor can no longer fulfill his duties, then the lt. gov. serves the Governor's unexpired term
-power can vary
What does the office of Secretary of State do?
-in charge of the Seal of Georgia
-runs and certifies all elections in the state
-35 licensing bodies
-handles business incorporation
-charities are doing what are advertised
-make sure Grave yards are well maintained
-regulates boxing, mixed martial arts an professional wrestling promos
-doesn't regulate anything that has assets of over $25 mill.
office of attorney general
-represents the sate in legal matters
-makes sure that all state institutions and laws are not only compliant with the Ga Constitution, but are also compliant with Federal Law and the U.S. Constitution
Commissioner of insurance
regulates insurance carriers and issues insurance licenses