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id- having supreme, independent authority over a geographic area sig- monarchs of this time had complete sovereignty


id- a form of government where the monarch has the power to rule their land freely, with no laws or legally-organized direct opposition in force sig- Louis XIV was an absolute ruler

divine right

id- god established all kings as rulers on earth and the rulers only answered to god sig- louis XIV used this to his advantage to manipulate the nobility

l'etait c'est moi

id- "i am the state" truly believes that without him in power france will be a mess, "sun king" sig- shows how absolutism is taking hold of france

cardinal richelieu

id- was appointed to be Louis's XIII regent by mother, Marie de Medici, wanted to curb nobles power because monarchy was most threatened by them, sort of a monarch sig-power of state becomes more centralized ex. puts france in with the protestant side instead of catholic, politics over religion

duke of sully

id- chief minister of finance, combined taxes on salt to gain royal revenue sig- strong supporter of centralization of government

raison d'etat

reason of state rulebook written with a machievellian idea in mind sig- further centralizing the power of the monarch, any action to make france stronger is allowed

cardinal mazarin

id- chief minister of france under louis XIV, succeeded his mentor, cardinal richelieu, attempted to increase royal revenue by asking nobility for money sig- louis' 14th regent during early years and causes development of the fronde


id-uprising of nobility caused by mazarins need to increase royal revenue for the war sig- uprising during mazarin's rule as cardinal

Louis XIV

king of france, longest monarch, peak of absolutism, never called estates general, "sun king", "one state, one law, one king", versailles, divine right rule sig- brings france to modern boarders of today, most absolute absolute ruler


id- where louis XIV formed his court, art and architecture of versailles were tools of louis' policy, nobles that lived there depended on him and he took advantage of them sig- absolute monarch at its best, shows louis excersizing his power and it caused debt that will lead to the french revolution


id- more export than import, all materials sent to france, colonies benefit mother country sig-this was under jean baptiste, financial minsiter

jean baptiste colbert

id- french minister of finance under louis XIV, created mercantilism sig-created favorable trade and increased revenue


id- playwriter, greatest master of comedy sig- made fun of kings and flaws of france and got away with it

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