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How many types of cheese does France produce ?
What is the French term for the meal celebrated on Christmas eve?
Le réveillon de Noel
What type of mushroom grows underground?
What animal snuffles mushrooms out?
When would a child eat un gouter?
in the afternoon--it's a snack
What is boudin noir made of?
pig's blood
Cooking is France is a form of?
Who developed making champagne?
Dom Perignon
How much mustard does each person eat in France?
2 pounds
What is a potage?
What is a creperie?
Place where they make & sell crepes
What is the flavor of Cointreau?
What is the famous French beef stew?
boeuf bourguigon
What is camembert?
French cheese
Where would you use vinaigrette?
on a salad
What would you call a meal where guests cook chunks of beef in hot oil at the table?
Fondue bourguignonne
When do you drink an aperitif
before dinner
What is tisane?
herbal tea
When do you eat a galette de rois?
on January 6th
What is the main ingredient in paté de foie gras?
goose liver
What is a mille-feuilles
flaky pastry
What does une baguette mean besides a loaf of bread?
a stick
What is une religieuse?
a pastry
What is a croque-monsieur?
toasted ham & cheese sandwich
What nut is sold in Paris in the winter?
What is sold in une charcuterie?
meats & sandwichs
What is une dragée?
sugared almond
What fruit is in Kirsch?
What is une langue de chat?
What is une cervelle de veau?
veal brain
What is une langue de veau?
veal tongue
How do you eat oysters in France?
raw & on the half shell with lemon
Couscous comes from......
North Africa
Where did the croissant come from?
Vienna, Austria
What is the main ingredient of bouillabaisse?