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Pentecost; Rushing wind; Divided tongues as of fire; Spoke with other tongues; People hear in their own languages; Joel-Last Days, Spirit; Jesus crucified but raised acc to prophecy - David; Repentance, Baptism, H Spirit; Receive word, baptized 3,000; Continue in Doctrine, Fellowship, Breaking Bread, the Prayers; Signs & Wonders; Communal Life
Ananias and Sapphira hold back, lie and die; Preaching at Solomon's Porch, many healed, Peter's shadow; Apostles imprisoned, angel releases; 5.29; Jesus murdered, exalted to give repentance and forgiveness to Israel; Gamaliel's advice, Apostles beaten, worthy to suffer for Christ, preaching and teaching Jesus as Christ.
Stephen's Testimony: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, The Prophet like Moses, The Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Most High not in temples, Resisting the Holy Spirit Persecute the prophets, Angered hearers, Vision of Jesus at the Right Hand, Clothes at the feet of Saul, Stephen prays for their forgiveness.
Great persecution; Jerusalem church scattered; Philip preached Christ, healed, exorcised in Samaria; Simon the sorcerer believes; Peter & John pray for the Holy Spirit; Simon offers money to bestow Holy Spirit; Peter rebukes & Simon repents; Philip preaches Jesus to the Ethiopian eunuch (Isa 53) and baptizes.
Saul meets Christ on the road to Damascus; Ananias baptizes Saul and he preaches Christ; Jews attempt to kill him; Saul goes to Jerusalem and argues with Greeks; the church-peaceful, edified, multiplied in the comfort of the Holy Spirit; Peter heals Aeneas at Lydda; Peter raises Dorcas "Tabitha arise."
Cornelius, centurion, devout, feared God, gave alms, prayed always; Angel of God-send for Peter; Peter's vision of the sheet with animals in Joppa; Peter goes to Caesarea; Unlawful for Jew to keep company with Gentile; Cornelius had fasted and prayed till the ninth hour; Peter-No partiality, accepts those who fear God and work righteousness-They knew the preaching of Jesus-Whoever believes in Him receives remission of sins; Holy Spirit falls, Gentiles speak with tongues; They were baptized.
11Circumcision party objects to P eating with Gentiles; P recalls what happened, P remembers promise of the bap of the H Sp promised by Jesus, God has granted grace to the Gentiles, those scattered from persecution preached to Jews only, but some to Greeks in Antioch, many believe, Barnabus sent to affirm, then goes to Tarsus to get Saul, he teaches for a year in Antioch, disciples first called Christians at Antioch, Agabus prophecies world famine in the days of Claudius, disciples send relief to Judea according to ability by Barnabus and Saul.12Herod kills James, brother of John and pleases the Jews, Peter arrested, constant prayer for him by church, angel frees him, Peter comes to house of mother of John Mark, Rhoda is astonished, Herod put guards to death, Herod struck down by angel of the Lord because people said his was the voice of a god, Word of God grew and multiplied, Saul and Barnabus take John Mark.13Prophets and teachers at Antioch, praying and fasting, Holy Spirit said set apart Barnabus and Saul, preached in Cyprus, Elymus the sorcerer tries to prevent Sergio Paulus from believing, Saul-also called Paul- rebukes, "deceit and fraud-son of the devil" blinded, Antioch in Pisidia, synagogue, Paul preaches, Jesus is son of David, Psalm 2, Isaiah 55.3, Psalm 16, resurrection, Habakkuk 1.5, Gentiles beg for more, whole city comes to hear, Jews envious, Gentiles glad, those appointed to eternal life believed, Jews persecute, Paul goes to Iconium.14Synagogue Jews and Greeks believed; Unbelieving Jews oppose; Signs and wonders; Attempted stoning, fled to Lystra & Derbe; Cripped man healed; People call B Zeus and P Hermes, want to sacrifice; P says they are men who serve the Creator; Jews from Antioch and Iconium come, Paul stoned but not dead; Preaches the Gospel in Derbe; Returns to Lystra, Iconium & Antioch strengthening the souls; Appointed elders in every church, prayed & fasted; Passed through regions of Pisidia & Pamphylia; Preached in Perga; Sailed from Attalia to Antioch; Reported and stayed a long time in Antioch.15Men from Judea teach necessity of circumcision; Paul & Barnabus debate; Report to Jerusalem; Pharisees say circumcision and keep Torah necessary; Peter says we are saved by grace; James quotes Amos 9.11-12 "Gentiles called by My name..." Abstain from idols, immorality, strangled, & blood; Letter to Antioch with Judas & Silas; Paul & Barnabus split over John Mark; Paul takes Silas on 2nd Missionary Journey.16Paul circumcises Timothy at Derbe/Lystra and takes him along; Paul tries to go to Asia; Vision of Macedonian man; Lydia & household baptized at Philippi; Paul casts out demon from girl; Masters start upriseing; Paul & Silas beaten and imprisoned; Jailer and family baptized; Paul demands apology and is released.17Synogogue at Thess. Messiah had to suffer, die, rise and is Jesus. Some persuaded, many Greeks. Unbelieving Jews attack house of Jason. Paul & Silas to Berea Synogogue. Receive word. Thess Jews come. Paul to Athens. Tim & Silas stay. Synogogue & Marketplace... Eipcurean & Stoic Philosophers... Areopagus... UKNOWN GOD... Creator... Should seek Him... Commands to repent... Some mocked, some believed.18Paul to Corinth. Finds Aquila & Priscilla. Reasons in the synogogue. Opposed & blasphemed. Turned to Gentiles-Justus. Crispus, ruler of syn believes. Vision: I have many people in this city. Continued 1.5 years teaching word of God. Gallio won't hear complaints of Jews. But they beat Sosthenes, ruler of the syn. Left P&A at Ephesus and went to Caesarea/Antioch/Galatia/Phrygia strengthening disciples. Apollos at Ephesus. Instructed by P&A. Goes on to Achaia. Shows Jesus is the Christ.19Apollos at Corinth. Paul to Ephesus. Holy Spirit? Baptized in Jesus, spoke in tongues. Reasoned in the syn 3 months. Some hardened. Went to school of Tyrannus. Taught 2 years. Paul performs miracles. Seven sons of Sceva, Jewish priest, try to exorcise in the name of Jesus. Attacked by demoniac. Magic books burned. Word of the Lord grows. Demetrius made shrines to Diana. Stirs up crowd. "Great is Diana of the Ephesians." City Clerk: Go to the courts.20Paul encourages in Greece, Troas, Weekly Communion, Eutychus, Heading to Jerusalem, Miletus-Exhortation to Ephesians Elders.21Troas, Warned through Spirit not to go to Jerusalem, Men, wives and children see them off; Caesarea, House of Philip, Four Virgin Daughters Prophesy, Agabus prophesies deliverance to Gentiles, People cease warning, The Lord's will be done; Jerusalem Paul meets with James and Elders, Concerns of Law Keeping Believers, Paul goes to Temple for Vows, Riot, Arrest22On the steps of the barracks Paul speaks in Hebrew, tells of the Damascus conversion, while praying in the Temple he is told by God to go to the Gentiles; The commander prepares to scourge, Paul appeals to his citizenship; The commander calls the Sanhedrin.23Paul divides the Sanhedrin by speaking about the resurrection. Paul's nephew hears of a plot to kill Paul and goes to the commander. The commander sends him to Gov. Felix where he can be accused by the Jews and judged.24The High Priest brings an orator named Tertullus to accuse Paul of being a troublemaker. Paul defends himself that he was not causing a tumult. Felix and his wife Drusilla hear him speak of righteousness and self control. Felix is troubled, procrastinates two years, leaves Paul in prison to please the Jews, is succeeded by Porcious Festus.25High Priest accuses before Festus, cannot prove charges. Festus recommends trial in Jerusalem. Paul appeals to Caesar. King Agrippa and Bernice visit Festus. Festus asks Agrippa to hear Paul because he can't form any charges against him to send him to Caesar.26Agrippa hears Paul. Paul on trial for promise made to the fathers. Paul tells how he persecuted Christians, voted for their deaths, forced them to blaspheme, the Damascus Road conversion and commission. Agrippa asks if Paul is mad with learning. No. Words of truth and good sense. Agrippa almost converted. No charges established.27Paul is taken on the Journey to Rome with a centurion named Julius. Aristarchus of Thessalonica accompanies along with Luke. Sailing is difficult because of winter. Paul warns of shipwreck. Visited by an angel. 14 days no food. Break bread. Ship runs aground and begins to break up. Some want to kill the prisoners. Centurion intervenes. Swimmers swim. The rest float on planks.28People of Malta are kind. Kindle a fire in the rain. Snake bites Paul. Superstitious ones think Paul a murdrer. Doesn't die. Think he's a god. Publicus entertains 3 days. Paul heals his father. Other diseases healed. Christians meet them as they approached Rome. Paul allowed visitors. Paul calls the leaders of the Jews and persuades from Moses and the Prophets all day. Some believe. Paul ends with Isaiah 6, keep preaching but they won't believe. Paul says that salvation comes to the Gentiles. Paul preaches for two years from a rented house.