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Tissues & Body Systems

groups of cells that work together to perform the same task
a condition that occurs when there is an insufficient amount of tissue fluid
a condition when there is an excess amount of tissue fluid. This condition causes swelling of the tissues
epithelial tissue
secretes and protects
connective tissue
supports and connects, there are two types hard and soft
soft connective tissue
adipose & fibrous connective tissue
hard connective tissue
cartilage, bone
nerve tissue
control and communicate
muscle tissue
move and protect. Consists of cardiac, skeletal, and visceral.
groups of tissue that work togther to perform a specific function
integumentary system
protects body from injury, infection, dehydration; helps regulate body temperature; eliminates some wastes; produces vitamin D
skeletal system
Creates framework of body, protects internal organs, produces blood cells, acts as levers for muscles
muscular system
It permits movement of the body, maintains posture. Consists of three types: visceral, smooth, and cardiac
nervous system
Coordinates and controls body activities
special senses
Allow body to react to environment by providing sight, hearing, taste, smell, and balance
circulatory system
Carries oxygen and nutrients to body cells; carries waste products away from cells; helps produce cells to fight infection
lymphatic system
Carries some tissue fluid and wastes to blood, assists with fighting infection
respiratory system
Breathes in oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide
digestive system
Digests food physically and chemically, transports food, absorbs nutrients, eliminates waste
urinary system
Filters blood to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, produces and eliminates urine
endocrine system
Produces and secretes hormones to regulate body processes
reproductive system
provides for reproduction