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the Election of 1864

Lincoln's new party name: ____
National Union Party
Who was Lincoln's 2nd vice pres?
Andrew Johnson
________: created in May 1864, in which President Lincoln, a Republican, was running for re-election
National Union Party
____ wanted to punish the South for Slavery and secession
Radical Republicans
Radical Repubs. thought Lincoln was ____, and nominated ____
incompetent; their own candidate
Two types of democrats: ___ democrats (coppperheads) and ___ democrats
peace; war
____: northern Dems who opposed Lincoln and the War
___ Democrats supported the war and wished to separate themselves from the ____
war; copperheads
copperheads and war democrats were both in the ___
National Union Party: repubs. loyal to Lincoln created a new name for their party in order to accommodate _____ who supported the war
war Democrats
Lincoln dropped his first vice pres, ___, a ____, and chose ____, a ____ to replace him as a running mate
Hannibal Hamlin; radical republican; Andrew Johnson, war democrat
_____ opposed secession and was the only senator from the Confederate states to remain ___ after secession
Andrew Johnson; in Congress
the National Unionists hoped that the new party and the Lincoln/Johnson ticket would stress the ___ character of the war and extend a potential olive branch to the south
By election time, General _____ closed in on _____ and General _____ was pushing ____ into the outer defenses of _____ (city)
Sherman; Atlanta; Grant; Lee; Richmond
As the 1864 election neared, it became obvious that a ____ victory was inevitable
Union military
the ____ ticket ran with the slogan "Don't change horses in the middle of stream"
Democrats: pres. candidate and vice pres. candidate
McClellan; Pendleton
in 1864 election, ___ party split into two factions
the ____ democrats wanted a negotiated peace at any cost, without securing the Union
peace democrats (copperheads)
the ___ democrats supported Lincoln and full restoration of the Union
General George B. McClellan was one of Lincoln's former ____
everyone thought ___ would win
After ____ (battle), it was clear the South could no longer win the war
After Gettysburg, peace democrats proposed a negotiated peace that would allow for ____ victory
Peace democrats thought a negotiated peace was the best course of action because an armistice (truce) could finish ___ without finishing off ___
the war; the South
Peace democrats declared ___ to be a failure and favored a _____ to hostilities
the war; immediate end
since Democrats were divided by issues of war and peace, they sought a ___ candidate who could unify the party
the Democrats' compromise was to nominate ___-war General McClellan for president and ___-war Representative George H. Pendleton for vice president
pro; anti
the Democratic Convention that year ended up adopting a ___ platform, a platform that McClellan _____
peace; rejected
McClellan supported ___ of the war and restoration of ____
continuation; Union
the Democrats' party platform, written by a Copperhead and touting a _____, contradicted McClellan's personal POV
Union with slavery
with the war still raging, the idea of "peace at any cost" offered by the ____ looked ___ to many; it was thought ___ would win
copperheads; desirable; McClellan
Election of 1864: ____ military victories leading up to the election and a renewed support for ___ in the ___ changed everything
Union; Lincoln; North