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Hinge Clasp, 7th Century

This art has interlacing as well as cloisonne, it is a functional work of art, and was made for someone important.

Page with Matthews, 660-680

One of the earliest manuscript of this period, it is called a carpet page, it shows the influence of interlacing and cloisonne, fusion of non-Christian and Christian imagery, and chief relic of its time.

Saint Matthews (Coronation Gospels) early 9th Century

represents Roman influence on Carolingian period, because of material it signals someone important.

Saint Matthews (Ebbo Gospels) second quarter of 9th Century

It has more expression than the other one, the original interpretation of this scene, and the fusion of Carolingian and Northern styles.

Crucifixion, 870-80

One of the rarest, surviving jewel book over, it is using the repousse, the body shows the Roman influence, and it shows an all-powerful Christ.

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