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World War I USII.5c

agreement between countries to protect each other
doesn't take a side
a British passenger ship carrying American citizens, sunk by Germany, led the U.S. to join the Allies
Submarine warfare
Germany used submarines to surprise attack Allied ships and keep supplies from reaching Britain and france
Allied Powers
Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, United States
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
Zimmerman Telegram
A secret German message asking Mexico to attack the United States, one cause of U.S. joining Allies
Woodrow Wilson
President of the United States during WWI, his Fourteen Points plan created the League of Nations
Fourteen Points
Wilson's peace plan at the end of World War I
League of Nations
a peacekeeping organization, an international group of European countries who tried to prevent more wars after WWI, the U.S. did not join
being alone, cut off from the world, not in an alliance, neutral
Treaty of Versailles
the treaty that ended World War I