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Directional Planes, Terms & Cavities

Health Science I
dorsal cavity
back side of the body, divided into the cranial cavity, which holds the brain, and the spinal cavity, which holds the spinal cord.
ventral cavity
front side of the body, separated by the diaphragm, above the diaphragm is the thoracic cavity, below is the abdominal cavity
cranial cavity
houses the brain
spinal cavity
holds the spinal cord
thoracic cavity
holds the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels
abdominal cavity
contains the stomach, small intestine, most of the large intestine, appendix , liver gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen
anatomical position
the body is standing erect, facing forward, with the arms at the sides, and the palms facing forward
Anterior or Ventral
body parts on the front side of the body
posterior or dorsal
body parts on the back side of the body
below another structure. ie the leg is inferior to the abdomen
means above another structure. ie the abdomen is superior to the uterus
means to the side. ie. the ear is lateral to the nose
means middle or near the medial plane of the body. ie. the nose is medical to the eyes
on or near the surface, i.e. a scratch on the skin
near the point of attachment to the trunk. ie the proximal end of the thighbone joins the hipbone
away from the point of attachment to the trunk. ie the distal portion of the thigh bone joins the knee bone
lying on one's spine facing upward
lying on one's stomach facing downward
midsagittal or median plane
divides the body into two parts, right and left
transverse plane
divides the body into a top half and a bottom half
frontal or coronal plane
divides the body into a front section and a back section
abdominal regions
because the abdominal cavity is so large it is divided into 9 regions
epigastric region
the area above the stomach
hypochondriac regions (right and left)
two regions just below the ribs
umbilical region
region surrounding the umbilicus
lumbar regions (left and right)
two regions near the waist
hypogastric region
area below the umbilical region
iliac, or inguinal regions (left and right)
tw0 regions near the upper portion of the hipbone
quadrants of the abdomen
a simple way to divide the abdomen
right upper quadrant (RUQ)
right anterior side of abdomen, it contains part of the liver, the gallbladder, and parts of the pancreas and instestinal tract
right lower quadrant (RLQ)
on the right anterior side, contains the appendix, parts of the intestines, reproductive organs in the female, and urinary tract.
left upper quadrant (LUQ)
on the left anterior side, contains the stomach, spleen, and parts of the liver, pancreas, and intestines.
left lower quadrant (LLQ)
on the left anterior side, it contains parts of the intestines, reproductive organs in the female, and the urinary tract.
Pelvic Cavity
includes the urinary bladder, the reproductive organs, and the last part of the large intestine.

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