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  1. Nefertiti
  2. Red Land
  3. Annubis
  4. Osiris
  5. pyramid
  1. a Jackel headed god, god of the dead and of mummification. Known to roam Ms. Lanfersieks classroom looking for students who have died from boredom!
  2. b the name the Egyptians gave the desert land
  3. c tomb for Egyptian kings
  4. d queen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton. Considered to be the most beautiful woman in .the world.
  5. e Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead - The Green Dude

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  1. one of two rivers which merge to form the Nile; flows northeast out of Lake Tana
  2. The Great ... known for building temples/statues; expanded Egypt; may have been king during Exodus of Hebrews
  3. Amon-Ra / Ra
  4. a large waterfall; any strong flood or rush of water
  5. female pharaoh who expanded trade (wore a beard)

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  1. Rosetta Stonethe name the Egyptians gave the desert land


  2. nomeoriginal autonomous city-states along the Nile


  3. Black Landthe name the Egyptians gave the desert land


  4. mummythe Egyptian concept of truth, justice, and natural order, represented by a goddess, often portrayed with a feather upon her head


  5. chariotHyksos military innovation, two wheeled horse drawn battle cart