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  1. Ramses II
  2. Annubis
  3. Isis
  4. The 3 main eras in Egyptian history
  5. Black Land
  1. a fertile land on the banks of the Nile River
  2. b Jackel headed god, god of the dead and of mummification. Known to roam Ms. Lanfersieks classroom looking for students who have died from boredom!
  3. c The Great ... known for building temples/statues; expanded Egypt; may have been king during Exodus of Hebrews
  4. d the perfect mother - She was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus
  5. e the Old, Middle and New Kingdom

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  1. Hyksos military innovation, two wheeled horse drawn battle cart
  2. plant that Egyptians made into paper
  3. tomb for Egyptian kings
  4. tried to get Egyptians to worship one god (Aton)
  5. the Egyptian concept of truth, justice, and natural order, represented by a goddess, often portrayed with a feather upon her head

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  1. heiroglyphicsancient Egyptian writing system using picture symbols for ideas or sounds


  2. mummypreserved Egyptian body


  3. Tutankhamunthe boy king who is most famous for the discovery of his tomb totally intact


  4. White Nileone of two rivers which merge to form the Nile; flows northeast out of Lake Tana


  5. dessicateto dry out; to remove moisture