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  1. Etesian Winds
  2. Menes/Narmer
  3. wadi
  4. The 3 main eras in Egyptian history
  5. Thoth
  1. a Winds on the Nile
  2. b God of wisdom, learning and writing. Often depicted with the head of an ibis.
  3. c Dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours
  4. d king of upper egypt united the two kingdoms of upper and lower egypt
  5. e the Old, Middle and New Kingdom

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  1. Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead - The Green Dude
  2. original autonomous city-states along the Nile
  3. tried to get Egyptians to worship one god (Aton)
  4. a low triangular area where a river divides before entering a larger body of water
  5. The Great ... known for building temples/statues; expanded Egypt; may have been king during Exodus of Hebrews

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  1. length of the NileThe branch of the Nile River that originates at Lake Victoria


  2. Tutankhamunegyptian bucket-and-lever water lifting device


  3. Isisthe perfect mother - She was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus


  4. dessicateto dry out; to remove moisture


  5. chariotHyksos military innovation, two wheeled horse drawn battle cart