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  1. nilometer
  2. tributary
  3. pyramid
  4. heiroglyphics
  5. Ramses II
  1. a ancient Egyptian writing system using picture symbols for ideas or sounds
  2. b A stone tool used to measure the yearly flood level of the Nile
  3. c The Great ... known for building temples/statues; expanded Egypt; may have been king during Exodus of Hebrews
  4. d tomb for Egyptian kings
  5. e a stream or river that flows into a larger river

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  1. fertile land on the banks of the Nile River
  2. female pharaoh who expanded trade (wore a beard)
  3. king of upper egypt united the two kingdoms of upper and lower egypt
  4. Aten was a being who represented the god or spirit of the sun, and the actual solar disk. The pharaoh Akhenaten formed a new state religion, focusing on the worship of the Aten. Monotheism
  5. a low triangular area where a river divides before entering a larger body of water

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  1. Blue NileThe branch of the Nile River that originates at Lake Victoria


  2. Memphispreserved Egyptian body


  3. Horusplant that Egyptians made into paper


  4. flood plainthe name the Egyptians gave the desert land


  5. cataracta large waterfall; any strong flood or rush of water