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  1. The Innundation
  2. nilometer
  3. dessicate
  4. Khufu's tomb
  5. pyramid
  1. a A stone tool used to measure the yearly flood level of the Nile
  2. b to dry out; to remove moisture
  3. c the period of flooding in ancient Egypt
  4. d the Great Pyramid of Giza
  5. e tomb for Egyptian kings

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  1. Stone that contained carved messages in hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic. Led to deciphering of hieroglyphics.
  2. preserved Egyptian body
  3. Jackel headed god, god of the dead and of mummification. Known to roam Ms. Lanfersieks classroom looking for students who have died from boredom!
  4. the Old, Middle and New Kingdom
  5. original autonomous city-states along the Nile

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  1. Osiristhe perfect mother - She was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus


  2. ThothGod of wisdom, learning and writing. Often depicted with the head of an ibis.


  3. Red Landthe name the Egyptians gave the desert land


  4. heiroglyphicsoriginal capital of the united Egypt


  5. Tutankhamunthe boy king who is most famous for the discovery of his tomb totally intact