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smiling muscle

zyygomaticus major

kissing muscle

orbicularis oris

closes eyelids

oricularis oculi

two muscles that close mouth

masseter and temporalis

paired muscle that flexes head and rotates to side


extends head


Adducts and flexes arm

pectoralis major

anterior protion flexes arm; lateral protion abducts arm


abducts scapula and rotates it upward (boxer's muscle)

serratus anterior

flexes vertebral column and compresses abdomen

rectus abdominus

two muscle pairs that flex vertebral column compress abdomen, and laterally flex vertebral column

external oblique and internal oblique

compresses abdomen ONLY

transverse abdominus

extends, adducts, and medially rotates arm

latissimus dorsi and ters major

posterior portion extends arm; lateral portion abducts arm


superior portion elevates scapula, middle portion adducts scapula, inferior portion depresses scapula


paired muscle that extends vertebral column, maintains errect posture, and laterally flexes vertebral column

erector spinae

extends forearm at elbow and extends arm

triceps brachii

flexes forearm at elbow and flexes arm

biceps brachii

flexes forearm


flexes forearma nd pronates and supinates forearm


flexes and abducts hand

flexor carpi radialis

flexes and adducts hand

flexor carpi ulnaris

weakly flexes hand

palmoris longus

extends hand and extends phalanges

extensor digitorum

extends and adducts hand

extensor carpi ulnaris

extends and abducts hand

extensor carpi radialis

extends leg at knee and flexes thigh at hip

rectus femoris

three muscles that extend leg only

vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis

flexes leg and flexes abduct and laterally rotates thigh ( allows us to flex and cross our legs)


adducts thigh and flexes leg


abduct thigh

gluteus medius, tensor fascia latae

extend thigh

gluteus maximus

three muscles that flex leg

biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranous

Plantar flexes and everts foot

fibularis longus

plantar flexes and flexes toes

flexor digitorum longus

plantar flexes foot ONLY


platar flexes foot and flexes leg


dosiflexes foot and extends toes

extensor digitorum longus

dorsiflexes and inverts foot

tibialis anterior

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