11.3 - World Power (China, Panama Canal, Latin America, Big Stick, Dollar, and Moral Diplomacy)

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Spheres of Influence
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Spheres of Influence
Nickname for the regions of China that were controlled by the various European nations. Within these zones, only one European power was permitted to carry out trade.
John Hay
American Secretary of State who introduced the Open Door Policy.
Open Door Policy
American policy at the turn of the century that stated that all of China would be open to trade, essentially ignoring the European spheres of influence.
Boxer Rebellion
1899-1901 conflict between Chinese nationalists and Europeans, Japanese and Americans over control of China.
Big Stick Diplomacy
Theodore Roosevelt's approach to foreign policy. He emphasized the threat of military force as a way to force other nations to accept American positions.
Great White Fleet
American fleet of battleships that sailed around the world between 1907 and 1909 to demonstrate American military might.
Panama Canal
Canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It was an important success of president Theodore Roosevelt.
Dr. Walter Reed
Army doctor who led the effort to eradicate mosquitos in Panama and make the area safe for the workers who built the Panama Canal.
Roosevelt Corollary
Theodore Roosevelt's addition to the Monroe Doctrine in which he stated that the United States would act as policeman for the Americas.
Good Neighbor Policy
Policy promoted by Franklin Roosevelt and other presidents that contradicted the Roosevelt Corollary. It stated that the United States would respect the independence of Latin American nations.
Russo-Japanese War
1904 conflict between Russian and Japan. Theodore Roosevelt helped negotiate a peace treaty and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.
Dollar Diplomacy
President Taft's approach to foreign policy. He emphasized the use of American financial power rather than the threat of military force.
Banana Republic
A small nation dominated by foreign businesses. This nickname was used especially for Central American nations dominated by fruit growers based in the Untied States.
United Fruit Company
American company that dominated the economies of Central American nations leading to their being nicknamed Banana Republics. It is now called Chiquita Banana.
Moral Diplomacy
President Wilson's approach to foreign policy. He emphasized the use of American power to promote democracy and self-rule.