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Honors Spencer Cell Organelles Quiz

Structure of the Nucleus
Structure of Cell Membrane
Structure of Cytoplasm
Structure of Rough ER
Structure of Smooth ER
Structure of the Mitochondria
Structure of Ribosomes
Structure of Lysosomes
Structure of Golgi Apparatus
Structure of Cytoskeleton
Structure of Cell Wall
Structure of Chloroplast
Cell Membrane
Made of phospholipid bilayer
Function of Cell Membrane
Controls what enters and exits the cell, protects and supports cell, and helps cells communicate with other cells
Jelly-like material that contains organelles
Function of cytoplasm
Protects and supports the cell
Rough ER
Has ribosomes attached
Smooth ER
No ribosomes attached
Function of Rough ER
Site of protein production
Function of Smooth ER
Make membrane lipids and helps in the detoxifacation of drugs
Enclosed by two membranes with the inner membrane folded; contains its own DNA
Function of Mitochondria
Converts chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use; energy source of cell
Surrounded by a nuclear envelope that has pores; contains chromatin and nucleolus
Where ribosomes are assembled
Function of Nucleus
Directs all the cells activities; contains the cells DNA
Small, round organelles made of RNA; most numerous organelle
Function of Ribosomes
Site of protien synthesis
Small organelle filled with enzymes
Function of Lysosome
Breaking down organelles that are no longer useful, removing "junk" so it doesn't clutter the cell; clean up crew
Golgi Apparatus
Stack of membranes
Function of Golgi Apparatus
Modify, sorts and packages proteins and other materials from the ER for starage in the cell or secretion outside the cell
Network of protein filaments called microfilaments and microtublules
Function of Cytoskeleton
Helps cell maintain shape and helps the cell move
Part of the cytoskeleton that helps with cell division and builds flagella and cilia
Flagella and cilia
Mircrotubules that helps cells to swim through liquids
Sac-like structure that takes up 90% of a plant cell
Function of Vacuole
Stores materials such as water, salts, proteins and carbs; helps plants support heavy structures like leaves
Cell Wall
Found outside the cell membrane, make mostly of cellulose
Function of Cell Wall
Provides protection and support for a plant cell
Surrounded by two membranes; contains chlorophyll; contains its own DNA
Function of Chloroplast
Capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy during photosynthesis
Cell wall and Chloroplast
Found only in plant cells and not animal cells
Chlorplast and Mitochondria
Organelles that have their own DNA