Junior Fourth Quarter Review

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insinuateTo suggest in an indirect or subtle fashionplicto foldvergto bend, to turn towardclivslopetorttwistsincurvedesultoryMoving or jumping from one thing to anotherresilientAble to recover readily; persistentexultantMarked by great joy or jubilationexpendableNot necessary; dispensableimpendingAbout to occurappendTo add as a supplement; to attachsubjectiveVarying according to personal opinion or perspectiveinterjectTo insert between other elementsundulateTo move in a wavelike fashion; to rippleinundateTo floodredoundTo have an effectsult, ult, silto jump, to leappendto hang, to weighjectto throw, to castundawavedisseminateTo scatter; to spreadseminalFundamentally influential; importantfloridOverly decorated; showyflourishTo thrive; to prosperderacinateTo uproot; to remove from one's homelandirradicableImpossible to destroyeradicateTo destroy; get rid ofgerminateTo cause to growgerminalOccurring in the earliest stage of developmentgermaneRelated to a subject or topic; relevantsemen, seminisseedseminare, seminatumto sowflorflowerradrootgermto sprout, to growdecorumAppropriateness of behavior or conductdecorousProper; mannerlyadornTo decorate; heighten the beauty ofsubornTo convince someone to lie or to commit a crimeornateHeavily decorated; intricateformulaicDone according to an overused method; triteformalitySomething done only for show or ceremonyformulateTo come up with; deviseinordinateToo abundant; excessiveordainTo formally order; commandpreordainedDetermined in advancedecorbeauty, appropriateness, orderornto embellish, to decorate, to equipformform, orderordto organize, put in ordermunificentGenerous, givingremunerateTo compensate; paycommunalShared by the people of a community; publicexcommunicateTo exclude from membership in a groupincommunicadoUnable or not allowed to communicate with othersappreciableAble to be measured or perceivedappraiseTo evaluate; estimate the quality, amount, size, and other features ofmeritoriousDeserving reward or praisedemeritA fault or flawmeretriciousSeemingly true, but actually falsemunpayment, gift, resource, public workpretiumpricepretiare, pretiatumprice, appraise, valuemerit, mereto earn, to deserve