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Gram Positive Bacteria Differentiation

Classification of microorganisms based on phylogenic characteristics listed in Bergey's Manual
How do Streptomyces differentiate from Actin?
- Strep: Aerobic
- Actin: Anaerobic
How do Nocardia differentiate from Frankia?
- Nocardia: Acid Fast
- Frankia: Nitrogen Fixation
How do Mycobacteria differentiate from Corynebacteria & Propionic Bacteria?
- Mycobacteria: No Mycelia present
- Other 3: Form Filaments
How do Mycoplasmas differentiate from Bacilla, Clostridia, & Lactobacilla?
- Mycoplasma: Have cell walls
- Other 3: No cell walls
How do Corynebacteria differentiate from Propionic Bacteria?
- Coryne: Gram Negative
- Propionic: Propionic Acid
How do Bacilla differentiate from Clostridia?
- Bacilla: Aerobic
- Clostridia: Anaerobic
How do Lactobacilla differentiat from Bacilla & Clostridia?
- Lactobacilla: No spores
- Bacilla & Clostridia: Produce Spores
How do Archeans differentiate from Bacteria?
- Archeans: Pseudomurein in cell walls
- Bacteria: Peptidoglycan cell walls