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Rome Chapter


One of the followers of Jesus who preached and spread his teachings.


An artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge supported by tall columns across a valley.

Circus Maximus

A Roman outdoor arena in which public games, such as chariot races, were held.


Roman arena for gladiator fights, mock battles, and entertainment


One of a small group of people who followed Jesus. (students)


An official, authoritative teaching of the Church.


The denial of basic Church doctrines.


One who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty for refusing to renounce their religion.


Savior sent by God.

Nicene Creed

The most widely-accepted statement of Christian faith, the Nicene Creed was first adopted at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325.

Old & New Testaments

Old Testament is written before Jesus about Judaism. The New Testament is the christian bible, and is about Jesus.


Roman temple to all the gods.


The local subdivision of a diocese committed to one priest.


A Christian missionary (apostle) who helped establish Christian doctrine in the Roman Empire.


One of the 12 apostles of Jesus; considered to be the first pope & bishop of Rome who is credited with founding the church in Rome.


The head of the Roman Catholic Church.


Roman geographer-astronomer and author of Guide to Geography which included maps containing a grid system of latitude and longitude.

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